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Santa Monica Studio has successfully reinvented God of War with this fun, visually stunning journey. From the game’s gorgeous landscapes to its sinewy soundtrack by Bear McCreary, God of War boasts some of the finest production work on the PS4.

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S2Killinit235d ago (Edited 235d ago )

Imagine how they hit the mark that reviewers unanimously give it their praises. That is NOT easy with a game like this that might be a turn off right off or “offensive” to some.

Master of Unlocking235d ago (Edited 235d ago )

It's not easy with a game, or a movie, or a piece of music, or a book, or w/e you name it, clothes, food, beverages... It's actually borderline impossible without greasing generously all the cogs in a given mechanism usually.
High creative minds often have trouble meeting their audience and trash too often gets ridiculously popular over well-orchestrated marketing and word of mouth through select hipster audiences and then the general public. To be able to garner so many perfect scores is simply astounding, it's exceptional. That really makes me want to play this damn game just to see what kind of work of art it is they've managed to pull off this time. I know it's Sony Santa Monica Studio and they've never been wrong and have always impressed us in the past, but this... this is the stuff of legends...

tmisellati235d ago

I got my copy
I m playing right now
I have ps4pro and 4k HDR TV and I can confirm it is jaw dropping game. The image quality is very crisp. Even sharper than HZD.
The ps4 pro's fan is working at high speed and very loud.
The game is pushing the machine to its maximum.

mafiahajeri235d ago

Lol yeah I noticed the sound too BUT it should stop after a while which I found weird, sounded like it was going to explode xD

Sm00thNinja235d ago

Sharper than horizon... Is that possible 😯

tmisellati235d ago

It looks definitely cleaner and crisper than HZD


Nice man...we're right behind you!

StormSnooper235d ago

Enjoy it. I’ll be picking mine up at 9 :P

The Wood235d ago

10 am for me. I'll dodge the digital version for this game

Gamist2dot0235d ago

I sit about 10 feet from my 65 4K HDR TV. Wonder if I can tell the difference with my 20/20 vision.

bigmalky235d ago

My fan is okay fella. Give the Pro a blast of compressed air and it should quieten down a bit.

trooper_235d ago

I have to wait till I get paid. .·´¯`(>▂< )´¯`·.

The Wood235d ago

Real mf life bro. . Patience is a virtue

jorellpogi234d ago

This is one of the reasons to use your credit card. Ahehehe

dekke234d ago

i gotta wait physical version of it...i got yday txt message that they have sent better that it arrives today or i slit my wrists ^^

StormSnooper234d ago

Be strong my brother. Kratos wouldn’t take the easy way out (:

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Elda235d ago

OMG!! 2 1/2 more hrs to go!!

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G20WLY235d ago

How many perfect scores is the most a game has got? (excluding Zelda, for 'nostalgia' reasons)

GOW has to be close by now!

StormSnooper235d ago

To be fair Zelda is a great game, but your point stands. Now add the fact that this was re-imagining, and it’s even more impressive what they have achieved with God of War.


YouTube is loaded with so many spoilers and people streaming its crazy....too close to eff up my experience now.

ps3vita4life235d ago (Edited 235d ago )

yes literally!! I was watching some videos on yt not even remotely related to GOW and I see videos with spoilers on the sidebar as recommended. So, I closed the tab and declared a blackout from youtube until I finish the game. I didn't wait these many years just to have this masterpiece spoiled for me. I recommend everyone to do the same.

AlphaCentyros235d ago

Thanks for the heads-up bro, really appreciate it!

ps3vita4life235d ago

@Alpha No problem man, just trying to fight the disease that is spoilers. It saddens me that some people enjoy ruining things for other people. True scum they are.

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