Destiny 2 is Closer than Ever to Having a Nail in the Coffin

Destiny isn’t just behind in the race, they are in the dust and those who’ve stuck around are starting to lose their way due to all the debris.

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maybelovehate1156d ago

Meaning it has never been close and still isn't.

Prince-Ali1155d ago

if you think Destiny is still alive then you're deluded! loool

fiveby91155d ago

Well I won't rule Bungie out yet on this but it really matters what they produce going forward. It is sure a fact that many people have dropped the game due to some bad decisions on Bungie / Activision. I hope they really fix things but at this point I am skeptical.

maybelovehate1155d ago

Just logged in this morning.. Had no issues finding a game.

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UltraNova1156d ago (Edited 1156d ago )

No not really tbh. Its just nowhere near the success Acti/Bungie hoped for. They can try one last time to draw players backnin with meaningful DLC so they will have another chance to redeem themselves with D3 but trust me if they dont fix everything and fast in D2 it will be the last we see of Destiny, just like Mass Effect.

NewMonday1156d ago

sad part it completely self inflicted

the game is technically near-perfect, the gunplay is amazing, the lore and backstory are great, the graphics are beautiful, the world is immersive. but all that was destroyed by a the bad end-game content, micro-transactions, slow content rollout, balancing PvP to cater to MLG players and YouTubers, and the bad in-game story.

joab7771156d ago

@NewMonday this is the problem. It is ALL self inflicted. It has the makings of a generational IP. But...instead it’s hollow.

thekhurg1155d ago


They aren't catering to MLG/YouTubers. If they were those players wouldn't have abandoned the game so quickly.

Bungie literally catered to the vocal minority of cry babies from the 1st game that complained non-stop about the end game gear grind, being locked out of the highest light level without raid gear, etc... They complained about people who can sit and play video games all day long having better gear because loot was randomized and so on.

If Bungie was catering to the crowd you mentioned - the game would be a gear grind and massive amounts of people would still be playing.

Smitty20201156d ago

I played this game because I really enjoyed the first installment but it didn’t take me long to sack it off they ruined the game

Drithe1156d ago

They dont care about keeping the player base. They only want new players who buy the game and anyone who uses their instore item stuff.

KrystofKage11156d ago

Sad, if rumors are true they originally planned a new engine, more missions, way faster updates. But somewhere during development they went back to the old engine, and had to keep the micro transactions and slow updates.

Destiny was doomed from the start. Activision killed the studio that made one of the most well known game series in history.

omegaheat1155d ago

I can tell you what happened with just a few words; Activision's greed and short development window. Bungie could barely put out s Halo every 3 years, so there's no way they could do a game with an annual release.

OGzeus1156d ago

Can't wait for this crap game to die, grind fest simulator.

Snookies121156d ago

The grinding was never the issue with Destiny. It's the fact that there's just no point in this one, to even do it.

execution171156d ago

Miss getting them perfect rolls on those endless grinds on D1

Smitty20201156d ago

I totally agree with u I loved the grind because when I played the first Destiny on raids the guys normally with a high light level had done the raid b4 which was good now in destiny 2 it went all tits up so easy to max out, didn’t like the raids they felt unfinished

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The story is too old to be commented.