Sega Ages Had Better Include These 20 Classic Games or We Riot

Sega put some awesome games on the Master System and Genesis, and we'd kill to see our favorites come to Switch.

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FallenAngel1984183d ago

It’s going to include less games than Sonic’s Ultimate Genesis Collection

Prepare to be disappointed regardless

Theknightofnights183d ago (Edited 183d ago )

Well, Sega Ages has historically been very different than the Genesis collections. The Genesis collections are essentially straight ports. The Ages collections are small remakes. Often with new gameplay options. Also, since they are individual releases, they can add more at any point in time.

On the PS2 they had 33 different volumes, and some volumes contained 2 or more games. Some of them were even Saturn games.

Fullmetalevolust182d ago

I'd like them to release some the Phantasy Star remakes they did for Sega Ages on the PS2, as well as Virtual On

Fullmetalevolust183d ago

I don't see the appeal of many of the games that were listed. All available via emulation.
Saturn games and DC games should be in Sega Ages.

Gemmol183d ago

I think they adding little things like online leaderboards and etc, i do not think it's a straight up port

optimus183d ago

I'm really surprised at this point that Sega hasn't done a Saturn or Dreamcast compilation. Not sure what they're waiting on. It's not like it would be difficult to do on current consoles, heck, even today's mobile phones would be able to run them.

DivineAssault 183d ago (Edited 183d ago )

Toejam & Earl please.. The switch being portable is perfect.. Pass a joycon to someone and go hunt some presents

AnubisG183d ago

Big words there. Would kill for games and would riot if x game is not in the collection. I think these "journalists" need to learn some prespective.


zcmilano183d ago

It's just a headline, dawg. Chill.

AnubisG183d ago

I'm totally chill dawg. Just pointing out the fact that people don't know what words mean and use words improperly. Because of this, words lose their meaning and power completely.