Two Guys Making New Sega CD Jewel Cases Are In An Accidental War

If you ever owned a Sega CD or a Sega Saturn, you know the packaging those totally ‘90s CD-ROM games came in: A double-tall, double-thick plastic jewel case, with ample room for a large manual and multiple discs. They were beautiful. They also broke all the time, at the slightest impact. And since they were only ever produced during the 1990s, you couldn’t buy replacement ones—until now.

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darthv72185d ago

I have been waiting for the LRG release as I have seen the first batch of the VGC ones and they werent pretty. Hopefully he really is addressing the issues and will release a quality product. It's getting harder to find good replacements as more people caught on to the trend of case swapping.

Fist4achin184d ago

Wow, Sega CD! Some cool memories there.