Nintendo Labo Brings Arts & Crafts To Video Games (TSA)

TSA writes: "As a kid growing up, I built things. Lego is probably one of the most common touchstones that people have for construction toys, but there was also Meccano, Darda wind up cars and their rollercoaster tracks, and so many other toys that required me to get creative and make something. Playing with them was all about imagination, whether it was coming up with something entirely from scratch, following the instructions in your mind’s eye to create the Lego castle, or then conjuring up a world in which these toys came to life."

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OffRoadKing184d ago

Anytime I'm playing a video game I'm always saying to myself, I wish I was doing more arts and crafts right now, lol.

marloc_x184d ago (Edited 184d ago )

I look forward to the NFC equipped Kratos figurine..
.. in an interactive cardboard diorama that I created myself.