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Scholarly Gamers' Jacob McCourt writes: "Apart from using Kratos' back-story as grounding, the narrative, visual style, combat, controls and structure have all been built from the ground up anew to deliver an unforgettable experience. God of War is easily one of the best games of the generation and a masterpiece in modern storytelling."

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ConsoleGamer272d ago

Me too, picked it up at the store. But unfortunately won't be able to play it for the next 10 hours as i have to work. 😭

Gamist2dot0272d ago

Modern story telling... will keep that in mind.

SuperSonic91272d ago (Edited 272d ago )

" But story telling in video games do not matter. Only game play.Not even graphics. " according to Nintendo and Nintendo fans.

Yet Zelda and Mario Odyssey got perfect tens and a 97 on Metacritic even without having a good fleshed out story!

But when it comes to non-Nintendo games like PlayStation games storytelling matters greatly to reviewers and are subject to a stricter and higher standard.
As if graphics progression is a smoke screen to hide good storytelling integrated to gameplay.

See how flawed the corporate reviews are? What a joke, eh?

G20WLY272d ago

Another perfect score! How many is that now?