Issues & Solution w/ Socom: Confrontation

GP Reports: "Today is the day for all the Socom fans who have waited for months for the release of Socom: Confrontation, an online multiplayer game only, exclusively for the Playstation 3. After the successful beta of Socom: Confrontation which was extended a lot of times last week, the final version is still suffering from issues that need to be addressed right away...."

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TheExecutive3681d ago

Wait, that was successful? It was a mess, a fun but ugly mess. Sounds like the game isnt fairing much better. When the reviews come out its going to get ugly.

Homicide3681d ago

I have the game, and I haven't had any problems with it. No lag, no glitches, no thing. It's a very fun game. It's my first SOCOM I play online. The only gripe was that the update was about half a Gig. WTF? I wasn't in the beta btw.

Prototype3681d ago

I want my Mercenary with my Folex (Fake Rolex) and Jordans!