How Much Loot Is Too Much?

Loot systems can be great in games, but they can also bring them down hard. Is having too much a bad thing?

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Gh05t184d ago

I think it is a larger problem than just a system that is built well. I love loot based games Diablo, Borderlands, Path of Exiles, and many others. What makes a game have too much loot for me is poor loot management. Too Human and a few other games threw loot at you but it was easy to dispose of, you could tell the game to just dump all the loot below a certain teir. I wish more games with heavy loot mechanics had this type of system.

All in all to me loot is only a real problem if it becomes unmanageable or cumbersome.

isarai183d ago

When most of my memories in a game are of me trying to constantly figure out if the loot's worth picking up by checking the stats of the rest of my gear, i think that's when we've hit an issue.

ALTHOUGH! i guess that also comes down to the loot management system, cause some games streamline the hell out of it making it very easy to compare and choose what to do with it before you even pick it up like in Darksiders 2