The +18 lewd girlfriend simulator VR game “VR Kanojo” has landed on Steam

I (Robin Ek, TGG) just found out that ILLUSION have launched their +18 lewd girlfriend simulator VR game "VR Kanojo" via Steam. So if you got a PC and like VR and lewd games, then don't miss out on "VR Kanojo".

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mastershredder235d ago

I am so glad they share game lists. Steam > Friends > Users > Friend > All games = You own or play this loser neck-beard drivvel? Nopes. Block.

shadowraiden235d ago

good i wouldnt want to be friends with somebody who actually gives so much of a shit about what others he knows plays.

grow up dude

TGG_overlord235d ago

That is a very good response, props to you! I would also like to add that there are way more female players who play games like this than people think. Furthermore, you don't have to do lewd things if you don't want to.

Kaiou235d ago

Lol someone is definitely not jealous.

TGG_overlord235d ago

Very, so I take it that the said person gets rejected in both real-life and in the world of VR/video games.

narsaku235d ago

B-but!.. We can't be friends anymore???? :'(

No. (>u.u)> Please.

diesoft235d ago

...said the guy who named himself after the ninja turtles villain?

rainslacker235d ago

And anyone who plays any game, regardless of if it's this one or not, probably doesn't care if you block them or not.

You must think rather highly of yourself to think anyone would care.

CaptainObvious878235d ago

Judging by your language and horrendous attitude, you're most likely a racist, sexist sjw, so people that play this game will actually be dodging a bullet by getting blocked.

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Magnus235d ago

Put this on PS4 and I would buy it

TGG_overlord235d ago

I could always ask the devs about it ;)

rainslacker235d ago

I think if Sony really wanted to see PSVR sales take off, they should allow content...similar to this on the system.

Historically, Porn has helped several burgeoning entertainment delivery mechanisms take off.

narsaku235d ago

I dled this game before and tbh it was pretty crap. Slow game with typical traditional japanese female designed by japanese beta male virgins who even as adults don't know women use the washroom. Seriously I had a headache the entire time she talked, nothing attractive about sexing a girl with the mentality of a 3 year old.

No, seriously. Get Honeyselect with the Party DLC and character mods with 4k skins. 10x better. If not more. Trust me, as mastershredder puts it, I am the king of the loser neck beards.

TGG_overlord235d ago

Are you for real now? Or just trolling? If that's the case, then why the high Steam ratings, feedback and user reviews? Well, that one I know at least:

GrimDragon235d ago

Like these games or not you should support it. All genres of games should coexist. Despite what the PC police would have you believe.

TGG_overlord235d ago

I agree with you to 100% mate.

TricksterArrow235d ago (Edited 235d ago )

Wonder if you'd keep this opinion if this was a gay oriented game. lmao

GrimDragon234d ago

I wouldn’t support it financially because Iam heterosexual but I’d support it’s right to exist instead of vilifying something I don’t agree with and trying to ban it.

CaptainObvious878235d ago

I'd buy this just to piss off the pc police