Nintendo Labo review: The greatest creation from Nintendo since the Switch

Vaughn Highfield of Alphr: "Nintendo Labo is the best peripheral ever made by the Japanese company. On the surface, it’s little more than a set of cardboard curios allowing you to build a fishing rod, a piano or even a robot suit, yet beneath the surface, Labo is so much more.

Nintendo Labo is a new platform for learning and creation – and it could well be the most exciting thing to come along from the games industry since Minecraft."


Admin note: If you have no interest in Labo, please don't force yourself to comment. We're getting way too much into the ridiculing and trolling. The success of an item will be based on the consumer response via purchases, not anyone's personal opinion.

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Moonman186d ago

If there could somehow be a Virtual Boy Labo kit (yes, all red and black).....this adult would buy it. ;p

The 10th Rider186d ago

They need to make one that looks like an arcade and has a selection of arcade games included.

Moonman186d ago

Nice....then there's the Master Sword, F.L.U.D.D. and the Poltergust 3000..but hey, I haven't put much thought into this... ;p

Neonridr186d ago

how awesome would it be if you built a cardboard mini arcade cabinet and put the Switch screen in it. Then you could play the original Donkey Kong, Mario Bros, etc

GamingSinceForever186d ago

Why not make one yourself? I’m sure there will be some 3rd party developers of Labo concepts.

The 10th Rider186d ago


I was thinking something with licensed arcade games, which you can't really make with the Labo Garage. You could certainly make a functioning cardboard arcade cabinet with a few minigames on it, but it'd be sweet to get some actual arcade games on there too.

deafdani186d ago

@Neonridr: that's what 10th Rider said, dude...

mikeslemonade186d ago

The greatest invention since switch? That's easy to say because it's the only invention.

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SegaGamer186d ago

Give me creation from Nintendo since the Switch, so better than Zelda and Mario then? Cardboard, better than these two games? ok.....

Neonridr186d ago

well Zelda and Mario are established franchises. I think they are talking about new stuff. And is this considered hardware? or software? or both?

NecrumOddBoy186d ago

I mean isn't this the only thing created since the switch LOL

Neonridr186d ago

@NecrumOddBoy - I think we are more or less looking at Labo like hardware, not games.

Moonman186d ago

Super Mario Bros. was created in 1985. The Legend Of Zelda in 1986. I know because I was there. ;p

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Naji4Me186d ago

How many creation from Nintendo since switch 😑

186d ago
wheresmymonkey186d ago

Arms, Labo and Snipper Clips. The console's only been out a year.

ScootaKuH186d ago

This exactly! It's a silly comment

StormSnooper186d ago

I don’t understand the concept. So basically it’s like LEGO with cardboard? So you build things, and then what do you do with it? I ask because they aren’t small. How many of these can you keep?

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PurpHerbison186d ago

You have to use your imagination!

StormSnooper186d ago (Edited 186d ago )

Yes having read the article now, I see that it’s mainly aimed at children, and I think it’s a great idea by the way. It’s sort of like origami with a purpose, it’s really cool. My only issue is that unlike LEGO it can’t be tucked away as easily so clutter becomes an issue I think. But the possibilities are endless with this.

AnubisG186d ago

How? You get pre-printed and cut stuff that you assamble. Not much imagination is required for that.

Old McGroin186d ago

@ AnubisG

It's cardboard man, people are gonna get creative with their kids.

bluefox755185d ago

@anubis This is exactly what I thought. How it it the least bit creative when you're just building something from a template? When I was a kid, we had something similar to this called K'nex, the difference was they were not only way more elaborate, but you could actually make original creations. Maybe I'm missing something, but I don't see how assembling cardboard from a template is the least bit creative.

Old McGroin184d ago


Well maybe you can enlighten us all on how Nintendo can create software to facilitate an infinite number of possibilities? This should be good...

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Gameseeker_Frampt186d ago

Not like LEGO but more like a model kit since you cannot make different things using the same pieces. Definitely for the young and the arts & crafts fans out there.

StormSnooper186d ago (Edited 186d ago )

Yes you are right. I know it’s aimed at kids but I actually really like the idea. I wish they would also make some smaller ones and use a single cardboard plus instructions (essentially origami) because that way you would be learning something you can show off anywhere where there is a piece of paper while you have the best version (Labo version) at home sitting on your desk for show. That way you can collect them as well.

Gameseeker_Frampt186d ago (Edited 186d ago )

If they make little Danbo style figures of Nintendo characters that you can build I'd be all over that. I have Master Chief and Geralt ones that I have collected over the years, but they are made with cardstock.

wheresmymonkey186d ago

You can make whatever you like with it. Everyone seems to be forgetting garage. which is really basic coding software.
and the fact you can then use that to build whatever you want, out of whatever you want.

michellelynn0976186d ago

It is basically a build it yourself kit. It makes you feel like you are really making kits that you can use as whatrver you want them to be. It is like turning your Switch into Legos.

It is not a traditional game. It is meant to be something different for people who want their kids (or themselves) to use their creative or imagination. I hope this helps.

StormSnooper186d ago

Thank you. I honestly don’t know why you got two downvotes. Lol. You gotta give it to Nintendo for coming up with new innovative ways to play. If I had a child I would want them to use their imagination when they play.

conanlifts186d ago (Edited 186d ago )

Lego with cardboard and mini games. The cardboard design can take a few hours to construct and then you can play the mini games with them. In addition there is some sort of garage mode that allows you to do some basic coding to create your own mini games with the boxes and Joy Cons etc.

As you mention below though storing them would be a pain. Unless you flat pack and rebuild them. Also I wonder about replacement card once the original is damaged.

ScootaKuH186d ago

Kind of like a Switch version of Raspberry Pi making. Only nowhere near as versatile

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Killa78186d ago

A pretty nifty alternative! Well played Nintendo.

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