Nintendo Labo review: an incredible learning tool that’s a blast to play | The Verge

Andrew Webster from The Verge: "For the past few days, my living room has resembled a mid-1990s arcade. There’s a fishing game in a corner with a physical rod so you can reel in a digital catch. Beside it is a motorcycle racer where players can use their bodies and hands to navigate a twisting race track. There’s also a piano where you can record your own tracks and manipulate sounds with a series of strange knobs. Smack dab in the middle is a massive, angular backpack that you can strap on to control a lumbering on-screen robot, swinging your arms in the real world to smash buildings in the game. The big difference between these games and the arcades of my youth is that each and every one is made of cardboard — and I built them all myself."

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