God of War Graphics Comparison: Performance vs. Resolution at 4K 60fps

IGN: "We show off both Playstation 4 Pro modes available for God of War to really see the best of both worlds."

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StormSnooper180d ago (Edited 180d ago )

Aaaaaaah almost here now

AlphaCentyros180d ago

We’ll get there bro, just hold on for a few more hours!!

Lovable180d ago

Performance definitely is the better choice imo..

xenz180d ago

If you like fps that fluctates between 40-60 fps then sure. Personally I prefer more stable fps, so resolution mode for me

mikeslemonade180d ago

Both modes are better than PS Poor though.

WilliamSheridan179d ago

Resolution mode fluctuates hard.. Sadly. But I'm still choosing res mode...

killswitch80179d ago

no its the performance mode that fluctuates hard not resolution.

zaherdab180d ago

i can't disagree that it is your opinion ... i do disagree with your opinion

Muigi180d ago

I’ll probably go with Resolution Mode until it gets patched. Its much more stable in that mode. Performance hovers around 45 and almost never hits 60. This is coming from DF people.

Rude-ro180d ago

My 240hz 4k tv will do the clear image so performance boost is not needed.
Latency only jumps to 40ms... no priority in latency for a single player game.

InTheZoneAC180d ago

Disable any bologna picture enhancement your tv has like motion blur, motion smoothing, soap opera effect, etc., otherwise you're ruining the experience.

Unreal01180d ago

He said latency only jumps to 40ms. So the experience won't be too bad.

ILostMyMind180d ago

I think all TVs have "game mode" and all of them disable the extra things.

Babadook7180d ago (Edited 180d ago )

There are a few TV's that can go 60 > 120 fps without increasing latency noticeably. A feature I really enjoy for locked 60 fps games.

As for God of War I will be playing it 30 fps resolution mode as stability is king.

DaDrunkenJester180d ago

Performance mode all the way!

Only 10.5 hours!

Ceaser9857361180d ago (Edited 180d ago )

1st walk through resolution mode 2nd/Platinum walk through Performance mode ... 50 mins more for me...

Ceaser9857361180d ago

Unlocked for me and The Game is Breath taking.. The detailings are Top notch.. And calling back the Leviathan Axe is so satisfying. Can't wait for Photo mode..

Camarolover180d ago

No, it’s 11 hours and 43 minutes.

thornh180d ago

Where are you? I'm at T- 9h 32m

Camarolover180d ago (Edited 180d ago )


ILostMyMind180d ago

For me it will be at dawn. 😥

killswitch80179d ago

nah the frame rate near 40 fps most of the game ...and the res is a stable 30 fps...easy decision...fps jumps all over the place in performance and makes for weird experience ...stable frames all day

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The story is too old to be commented.