The Effect Review: God of War

With its captivating story, satisfying combat and stunning visuals, God of War really is one of the best games available, on any platform, right now.

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G20WLY183d ago

That, my friends, is some high praise indeed!

DaGR8JIBRALTAR183d ago (Edited 183d ago )

I know this sounds nuts but I feel like we're about to gain access to something that's only meant for VIP or royalty. I haven't been this excited for a game releasing since Ninja Gaiden back in 04.

roadkillers183d ago

PS4 is still too much for me. I'm renting my copy from Redbox and playing it on a friends PS4. Can't wait to express my opinions with you guys! I haven't watched anything other than the first trailer and listened to the music.

timbo08183d ago

get a job Mr. Lebowski!


The bums will always lose!

S2Killinit183d ago (Edited 183d ago )

Its cool, i would say try and buy a PS4, maybe trade in something or get a refurbished. Right now PS4s arent that expensive. BUT there is something magical about playing videogames at your buddys, it will stay with you forever.