God Of War nearly used Egyptian and Mayan mythologies

Santa Monica Studios' Cory Barlog and Rob Davies discuss sending the angry Spartan to Scandinavia.

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AspiringProGenji182d ago (Edited 182d ago )

Can’t wait for Christian mythology and fight moses

ArchangelMike182d ago (Edited 182d ago )

Fight of Gods is already out :))

I_am_Batman182d ago (Edited 182d ago )

Haha. Monotheistic religions would be pretty lame because there would only be one God to kill. Can you imagine what the reaction would be if they went with the islamic myths?

thejigisup182d ago

You'd have to go take out the prophets.

zeuanimals182d ago

Catholicism kind of has its own pantheon though with all of the saints acting as deities that people pray to all the time. I have no idea what powers they would have and it would still be pretty lame. Some angels have some decent powers though and if they ever go this route, we're definitely killing Saint Peter. Maybe you even get to kill Santa. Would be perfect if a game featuring that released around Christmas.

Jamaicangmr182d ago

Christianity is way to sensitive and influential i'd avoid it if i were them.

roadkillers182d ago

They won't touch it, the game would get more flack then all of Rockstar titles combined. Honestly, I probably wouldn't play it.

Jamaicangmr182d ago

I'd play it but, just choose your battles i'd say.

Muadiib182d ago

We may get upset when people constantly mock us and much worse, but we don't retaliate with terrorism, I'm just sayin'...

BigBosss182d ago

Must people mock Christianity? Have you no respect for Christians in this website...

Jamaicangmr182d ago

^^^^^^^^^ Case in point, Perfect example of the problem. smh!

Goldby182d ago

i have respect for some christians,

but thats because they are people before Christians.

the religion itself, i understand it, i understand some people follow it. i have no intention what so ever to be told i need to follow a religion that has caused some of the greatest mass murdering in the name of a god.

also the fact the word of god says that gays are goign to hell is a bigg no no in my book

hunggago182d ago (Edited 182d ago )

Just use the Jewish mythology, Christianity originated from Judaism.

Muadiib182d ago (Edited 182d ago )

Not that I think it's a myth, but it could work if they do it with some degree of respect (unlikely). Stargate did it with the Ori, I think there's a ton to draw from there with Excalibur, Paladins, the miraculous and the whole warrior angel and demon thing, the end baddie being Satan would be something even Muslims could get behind. The theme of the game could be sacrifice, or the miraculous/faith and Jesus and the messenger angels could appear to Kratos now and again to steer him down the better road (not that he always has to take it). It won't happen though but the possibilities are endless.

If you want an idea how this could look (so to speak), then I recommend the book "The Final Quest".

jcole97182d ago

Why call someone’s religion a myth?

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Snookies12182d ago (Edited 182d ago )

Egyptian would be awesome! Would love a boss fight against Anubis, Ra, Osiris, etc.

Relientk77182d ago

It would be badass and epic

fewDankMemes182d ago

It would be awesome but I wouldn't want for it to come out now. I'd feel overwhelmed with so much Egyptian lore with Assassins Creed Origins just releasing a few months ago

fewDankMemes182d ago

When I say now, I mean "right now", not "I don't want it to come out anymore". Norse mythology was the better pick for this moment in time.

babadivad182d ago

Ancient Egypt would've made more historical and geological sense. Both Civs were relatively close to each other and often had contact between them. So much distance and time seperates Ancient Greece and the Norse.

Blu3_Berry182d ago

I'm glad they decided to go with Norse mythology since I'm more familiar with it then the other two.

Relientk77182d ago

I hope Egyptian is sometime down the line. Would love more games set in Egypt. Assassin's Creed Origins is amazing.

I_am_Batman182d ago

I agree. Egyptian would be the next best choice after norse in my opinion.

mafiahajeri182d ago

Loving the Norse mythology so far can't wait to run into the big names like Odin and Thor...

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