Will A Campaign Come To Call Of Duty: Black Ops 4 Post-Launch?

Andrew from Xbox Enthusiast doesn't think Treyarch has completely abandoned the single-player campaign in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4. Will it come as an update post-launch? Will it be included in the Season Pass? Let's dive in.

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Garethvk234d ago

Agree. Delay the game or include it post launch for free.

LaWiiG234d ago

The Activision way is to charge you for it.

Crazyglues234d ago

No campaign No buy... period

TheGuitarist234d ago

I won't buy Black Ops 4 unless there is a campaign. The promise of one being added at some point might mean I still pick the game up at launch but realistically I'll probably wait until it's added.

ArchangelMike234d ago

I stopped buying Call of Duty Games after Modern Warfare 2. But it doesn't surprise me that the Franchise is leaning towards a multiplayer only focus. Why spend all that money on writers, directors, mo-cap studio and voice actors, when most of your audience never play through the campaign anyway?

Moreover, if they cut out the singleplayer campaign they could roll of a Call of Duty Game every 6 months instead of every year. If you want a single player component you have to buy it in the season pass, microtransactions and DLC. It's a win win for everybody... isn't it? smh

TheEroica234d ago

Wait... Black ops 4 has no campaign? Lol... Really? Why bother calling it black ops. Call it call of duty online. Black ops alludes to a having a story to tell.

Garethvk234d ago

Exactly. Here is what I do not get. COD WW2 sold huge and was the top game of the year. It showed the franchise is still very strong. Black Ops 1-3 sold well also. So why are they so scared of Red Dead 2? Sure it looks great but they are two different games. They are going nuts to beat it to market and diminishing the game in the process. Why not let Red Dead 2 come out in Oct, have a few weeks of huge sales and then release Black Ops 4 as a complete game?

Chaosdreams234d ago

I don't see it as fear (though they'd lose sales). I see this decision (if proven true) as a way for them to save money - test the waters (see if they can get away with it) - reap a profit.

With each Call of Duty, Activision will oversee subtle (or large) changes in what the player experience is about. Cod WW2 has its social loot box drops. BO4 is going to see the value of a campaign. It's generally speaking, anti consumer practices that a lot of people either don't notice/care about. Right now those who buy for a campaign are annoyed/mad and rightfully so, but for all those who hardly touch the campaign, they'll shrug and pay up. Activision is relying on that.

ApexWolf22234d ago (Edited 234d ago )

Maybe CoD is embracing an "A la Carte" gaming model. BO3 had a Zombies only expansion for $30, Infinity War was tied to CoD4 reboot and people screamed murder, perhaps now they'll part it all out at $25-30 a piece and literally give people what they want. If you do the math perhaps selling the MP w/ Season pass included for $60 would appeal to many, Instead of everyone paying $100+ around launch, like we do now. I'm sure many would opt to save $40+ to skip another likely forgettable campaign. They all feel the same at this point, just like every damn Michael Bay movie, slo-mo explosions and running for 2hrs and then 30mins of actual story sprinkled in between it all, roll credits...

quent234d ago

Boycot this sht, expect the same level of effort in its content like with previous titles or a better improved experience, that's what sequels used to strive for, to. Improve on previous iteration

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