8 dead game franchises we want to see revived

From long-running series that ran out of steam to the sleeper games that failed to catch on, here are the eight game franchises Gabe Gurwin wants to see revived.

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Hardiman1201d ago

I'd love to see another Manhunt, The Suffering, Otogi, Spinter Cell, Fatal Frame and another Oddworld game. Loved Strangers Wrath and they were doing a follow up called The Brutle Ballad of Fangus Klot but it was never to be. Also loved the first Lords of Shadow! Wasn't expecting it to be so epic and lengthy but I loved it!

GamingAngelGabriel1201d ago

The Suffering 2 freaked me out

TheProfessional1200d ago (Edited 1200d ago )

Glad to see that someone else is a fan of the Suffering and Manhunt. I've been hoping for a sequel to either of those for years.Splinter Cell is excellent too but I'm sure we'll see a sequel at some point since it's a huge franchise. Can't wait for that but I wish they'd bring back Michael Ironside.

Another Soldier of Fortune would be great, a real sequel to SoF 2 Double Helix.

Hardiman1200d ago

I loved Manhunt! I loved the atmosphere and the characters creeped me out! I play it on my Pro every now and again but a modern take would be awesome! Also there was an N64 game called Shadowman and it blew me away with its story back in 99. I'd like to see a modern interpretation of it as well.

Majin-vegeta1201d ago

Eternal Champions,onimusha,legend of Dragoon,twisted metal,shinobi,Def jam (icon never happened)Mag,and Socom

Pennywise1381200d ago

Eternal champions on sega cd hype set fatalities of any fighting game. Would love to see a remake of that.

Pennywise1381200d ago

Eternal champions for sega CD had the best fatalities of any fighting game and a really cool roster of characters. Would love to see a remake of that.

Relientk771201d ago

Brave Fencer Musashi
Skies of Arcadia
Legend of Dragoon
Dark Cloud
Tactics Ogre
Syphon Filter
Ape Escape

nitus101200d ago

Grandia was a series although a remake would always be welcome.

Skies of Arcadia. Fans have been clamoring for a remake or a revival for about 16 years.

Dark Cloud (still have the original) was actually followed by Dark Cloud 2 or Dark Chronicles. and you can get both games from PSN that will run on the PS4.

Legend of Dragoon (PS1). I would have liked to play this game but I made it a policy not to purchase old games after I purchased a new (in this case a PS2) console although I have no problems with playing games that I originally owned since the PS2 was backward compatible.

Can't really comment on the others although I do understand that Tactics Ogre was well received.

GamesMaster19821200d ago

I would love a remake or sequal to Ghost Hunter that was on PS2 i thought that game was great and quite creepy too, or at least bring it to PS2 classics on PS4 Sony as it is one of your own studio game's. But yeah pretty much all the PS2 era francises should be brought back as some of the best games ever made were back then.

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The story is too old to be commented.