'A Way Out' Overshadowed by Recent AAA Games

"A Way Out launched around the same time as Far Cry 5 and Sea of Thieves, and both were all over the place being covered by most video game outlets. A Way Out just didn't receive nearly the same amount of coverage. It's rather upsetting." -- PC Gaming Enthusiast

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Nyxus182d ago

The game did better than EA expected, so that's good at least.

porkChop182d ago

A Way Out got tons of coverage, and sold over a million copies. It was more successful than the devs and EA thought it ever would be.

Did it get as much coverage as Far Cry 5? No. You're talking about a massive game that will likely sell over 10 million units. That clearly warrants a bit more coverage. A Way Out got more coverage than it would warrant proportionally, so I don't get where the issue is.

FallenAngel1984182d ago

This game was able to outperform expectations and sell over a million in less than a month. Idk how they can be disappointed by that.

-Foxtrot182d ago

Not's a forced co-op based game. It has a very limited audience it's targeting to begin with.

C-H-E-F180d ago

Well i haven't seen 1 ad for this game, which is a complete shame seeing that they sold 1 million copies within the first month. EA needs to support this game in the ad market.