Black Ops 4's Missing Campaign is a Problem and Battle Royale Won't Have Fortnite's Legs

Whereas Epic's game will evolve and change over years, CoD is essentially killed after 12 months - And a lot of people like the CoD campaigns!

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DJStotty184d ago

Battle royale on COD, good luck with that one. Can you imagine playing a 100 player battle royale on P2P hosting?

Guaranteed the next COD is P2P, i would be extremely surprised if they have dedicated servers

ApexWolf22184d ago

Using Ground War mode as an example people will likely be running in the sky and under the map lol...without hacks...

PUBG184d ago

When I buy a CoD game, I buy it for TDM and single player. Often times, the single player ends up being the main draw. If this game is multiplayer only, then there will be nothing interesting about it. This will mark the year that CoD went the way of the dodo bird.

SierraGuy183d ago

Yeah coming from you that means something...talking about a game that grosses billions....yes with a "b". Now run along back to playing your imitation buggy mess.