Sega needs to show the Saturn more love

Sega has been making a lot of retro gaming announcements. It’s going to start releasing old Genesis and Master System games like Sonic the Hedgehog and Alex Kidd on the Switch as digital downloads. Shenmue and Shenmue II are coming to modern platforms. And Sega is working on a new mini-version of the Genesis. All of that is great, but where’s the love for the Sega Saturn?

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darthv72235d ago

Saturn is my 3rd favorite Sega platform right behind Dreamcast and Genesis. It is a great system with great games but the popularity of the PS1 was just too much to ignore.

I'd love it is xbo would allow for playback of Saturn (and DC) games like it does og and 360. Pop in a disc of Burning Rangers and the xbo dl an updated version to play that looks good on modern tv's. Would be a dream come true.

Fullmetalevolust235d ago

I approved this article so fast!
"I can play sonic the hedgehog on my microwave!" dead! Those genesis games are overplayed and tired.
The Saturn had an impressive collection of quality JRPG's, Shining Force, Dragon Force, Albert Odyssey, Panzer Dragoon Saga, Shining the holy ark, Dark Savior (talk about creating an atmosphere) .some that were not translated in English. Go tweet Sega about this.

Nerdmaster235d ago

Saturn was notoriously difficult to program for. Maybe that's why it may be harder to port them.

Fullmetalevolust235d ago

They have ported Nights into Dreams and Guardian Heroes, I am not sure how they managed but these ports were actually great. There sega saturn emulators out there that can play most of the Saturn's library, why can't Sega create a mini Saturn. They also have ported Saturn games to ps2 via Sega ages.

DivineAssault 235d ago

The people running sega seem retarded.. There are so many options available for them to print cash like the federal government..

Derceto235d ago (Edited 235d ago )

Saturn was a good, but, over complicated system.

So many of the games made for it were lazily crapped out while hilariously under utilizing the system's capabilities. A few gems really stand out and show off what this system was capable of.

Not to give it a free pass though either, as Sega screwed the pooch on its design and complexity, to say nothing of the blunder that was its expedited release out of fear of the Playstation.