God Of War PS4 Dev Talks About How Some Wanted To Leave Kratos Behind

Kratos is the hero of God of War, but his role in the franchise was at some point put into question, however briefly or non-seriously it might have been. In a new interview, creative director Cory Barlog said Kratos has always been important to him personally, but some inside Sony--and some fans--questioned if it might be time to leave Kratos behind.

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FallenAngel1984279d ago

One does not simply disregard a massive icon like Kratos

Hardiman279d ago

Yes and I'm playing through part 3 now and it's just as fun as it was in 2010 but I'm glad the made the changes they did! The camera being the first one because I want to be closer to the action! The second being the new setting but the most important one is the more nuanced characters and rich narrative .

itBourne279d ago (Edited 279d ago )

Where is the full video towards the beginning with all of the god of war lead developers through the years?