OXM Online: Rock Revolution Review

Rock Revolution's scoring system puts a premium on perfect note streaks, which is actually authentic - isn't that what you expect from a real band? - plus the cover songs sound pretty darn good and you can create your own tracks (though it's a hassle). It's also great that Rock Revolution works with existing guitars and drums, and vice versa. But the sloppy software and feeble note charts mean you simply won't want to. Konami once boasted that it started the music genre; Rock Revolution threatens to end it.

+ Compatible with your existing instruments; game available with or without RR drumkit.

- Bad note charts = bad gameplay.
- Drums feel either confounding or boring.

? Why come in this late if you didn't come to win?

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White-Sharingan3655d ago

lol saw this POS being played

cant believe they actually created such a game

Darkiewonder3655d ago

It's an absolutely wonderful game created by Konami. I would even go as far as to say it's more revolutionary than RB and GH offering such variety in music!

They've created the Revolution Series and this is one of the best!