God of War: Sony unveils a massive & living Artwork in Berlin

To promote the release of God of War this week, Sony unveils a massive and living Artwork on a housewall in Berlin / Germany, which is over 280m² in size.

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ArchangelMike1153d ago

Sony going in large with God of War, I like it. They're really pushing the advertising budget with this game. I've seen buses all over London with the GOW poster, and the TV ad's are quite frequent. No doubt this game will sell well, and guarantee a sequel. The only thing is, what would they call the sequel, they can't call it God of War 2? Maybe, God of War: Atreus become a Teenager!

G20WLY1153d ago

When you've got something this special, you've gotta let people know!

SuperSonic911153d ago

That is what I am talking about!

Legatus1153d ago

Europe was, is and will always be a Playstation nation.