NFS Car? Bon!

EA have been silently working away on Need for Speed: Carbon for the past year, and have granted The Official PlayStation 2 Magazine the first "low(ered) down" in the latest issue. That's their pun, not ours, if you're wondering.

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chicopr6196d ago

great a other need for speed i hope the bring underground series for the ps3 lets see how this one if it is good or not

shotty6196d ago

It'll be great, NFS most wanter for the xbox 360 played really nice and even had a hint of a story line with Razor and Mia

GamerMan6196d ago

most racing games do not have a story line and I was happy with how NFS Most wanted went. I mean some thing were unrealistic but this wasn't a simulation game. They have new standarads to live up to and I hope they continue with what they started and expand.

ps3willrule6196d ago

b 4 i get excited i rather wait to see midnight club from rockstar i know its not announced yet but 3 was the ... better then need for speed underground and if u played it u know or read a review ign and gamespot state it will c i guess how this turns out i might pick it up if i don't here anything about midnight club byt the time this is out.

The Real Deal6196d ago

You are right Midnight Club was better than underground. But Need for Speed Most Wanted for the xbox360 was better than Underground and Midnight Club. So if they continue on that path it should be a good game.

schnodder6196d ago

to say something negative about a xbox game .. am i right ps3willrule ??

i wanna see some footage .. please!

PS360PCROCKS6196d ago

since it's next gen it could be getting really cool and innovative now

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