Pocket Gamer: Guitar Hero III: Backstage Pass Review

Pocket Gamer has looked at their share of pocket sized Guitar Hero games here at Pocket Gamer, so they'll bypass the usual chat about the lack of the console controller - the one thing most gamers would consider essential to the enjoyment of this game. They've also waxed lyrical about how well, surprisingly, the game works without it, so, again, they won't waste too many words going back over that old ground.

In this respect, it's enough to say that Backstage Pass has learned from its predecessors and works extremely well within the severe confines of its platform. Where this latest Guitar Hero offering seems to justify itself isn't in the music, however, but in building the musician's career. This new angle adds a far more recognisable style of gameplay to the mix, and brings the franchise in line with other mobile titles while still offering a core element of virtual shredding.

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