Xbox Needs a New Approach if it Wants to Compete with Nintendo and PlayStation

Here’s hoping that Microsoft understands the shifts in the console market and builds upon that in the coming years when the Xbox One’s successor launches. Until then, scooping up amazing third-party games is the way to go.

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Hardiman188d ago

Yes and really all they have to do is release new games consistently. They still do the MP but they've got to change their stance on SP games!

submarinna187d ago (Edited 187d ago )

as long as Phil Spencer and his goons are in charge nothing will change much. expect more sea of thieves kind of games. and with that the xbone will fall further down the food chain.

jokerisalive187d ago

agree 1000% with you bro. Phil is the ANTI CHRIST to SP OFFLINE gaming. He is a bonafide GAAS subscription based salesman that wants to 'sell' that to as many people that are willing to give into his idea of whats best for us the gamers. We know whats best with our money.....its called 'Choice' and SP OFFLINE CAMPAIGN DRIVEN GAMES with deep story and interesting characters Phil.....kinda like Sony keeps delivering with great games like Horizon, GOW, etc.........funny how they keep dominating too....maybe theres a connection?????

mikeslemonade187d ago

Switch isn’t passing the Xbox until the next Xbox comes out, so it doesn’t matter.

Wh1teLightning187d ago

Straight from the experts as usual 😩

TheCommentator187d ago (Edited 187d ago )

I absolutely agree. Right now MS is successful but not competitive.

To at least give them credit for their more recent character, MS delivered on everything they said they would with regards to the 1X HW. To me, they deserve at least a small measure of trust at this point because you can't turn a company around if you don't try to fix it, and being more honest about the 1X is at least start to fixing their image. Back to the topic of games though...

Over the last year MS has mentioned wanting a Horizon: ZD type game, started work on the Playground Gaems project, and expressed the desire to create more single player. Recently that they're working on more games with the goal of a much larger and more diverse portfolio of games but that it will take many years to catch up to everyone else. I'd like to believe him 100%, but I'm going to cautiously wait until E3 before I pass judgment on the situation. Last years' E3 was crap from a 1st party perspective because it was almost all known about before hand.

FYI, I find it interesting that there's strong indication that Halo 6 will not release this year:
Does this mean a new IP from 343 is on it's way to an E3 reveal and a Holiday 2018 release?

There's also a tweet from Rare suggesting that Perfect Dark may be announced at E3:
I wonder if the reason SoT has taken 4 years and is still so empty is because most of the team was secretly working on Perfect Dark? There were persistent rumors it was in development but nothing ever surfaced last year. Just a thought, but who knows?

OffRoadKing187d ago

I dont see why they deserve anything for releasing the 1x, all they did was provide a more expensive console, it did not fix their main problem which is a lack of games validating a reason to buy an x1 in the first place.

TheCommentator187d ago

@Off Road King

I said credit for their recent character, not for releasing the console. Their character was then related to their recent comments about the direction their games production is heading (See: Building Credibility). I also already agreed with Hardiman, who said that all they should release new games consistently, keep multiplayer strong, and change their stance on single player games.

So what is your comment even intended to do? It's not very nice, first of all, and you're certainly not contributing anything by not paying attention to the content in my OP either. If you want to say something about my comment, I'd be happy to discuss it with you further, otherwise just don't bother to post.

KickSpinFilter187d ago

In the past Spencer had the balls to tell users to basically go to their BC games to get their SP game on.
Just recently he has changed his tune and is working to expand the SP experience on XB1, It's kinda a little to late for this gen since it rolls up in 2020 chances are. With all the services they are putting in place next gen should be interesting. With all the digital content and PS4 not using some strange "cell" chip processor, it would be real smart to have backwards compatibility at the start of a console launch instead of 4 years into it when it really doesn't matter.

TheCommentator187d ago

MS doesn't have traditional console generations anymore so there will never be a full reset, so when the "2X" comes out, MS will still have the 1X (at a minimum) run the 2X games with lower settings. All BC, as well as all XB1/1X compatible titles will just shift when you do. Therefore, it doesn't really matter when the "Generation" ends because the "2X" will be FC with all of today's software by design.

As far as BC (Xbox/360) goes, it always matters and there is no bad time to start, only a bad time to quit. Entire generations of kids can see what Bioware used to be like, or when rail shooters were a thing. Why would anyone ever say old games don't matter though? Sure, MS needs new games more than BC, but the word, "classics" wouldn't be in our vocabulary if old things weren't important and history would not be taught if the past didn't matter.

melons187d ago

Christ, see an article on here like this nearly every day.

strayanalog187d ago

"It seems like the market has moved away from its obsession with power and gamers nowadays want the best titles on their platform." - Power in a console is nothing more than bragging rights through a gen, but games are everything and gamers have always wanted the best on their platform of choice.

In my opinion, the entire problem stemmed from the slew of negative press before launch. Microsoft had never gotten this amount before (or possibly anyone), which caused them to panic in such a way they lost focus and rushed developments to counter attack.
This leads to the difference of how business with an American and Japanese company differ. American companies plan for months or a year, whereas a Japanese company plan for years, and the Japanese have been running the gaming show for decades so it's safe to say their business strategies work in this market.‎
Then there's the "console curse" to consider, if you believe in it, which rears its head on the third console after a company becomes full of themselves and complacent, which isn't anything new because the other two competitors have gotten it too at one point. And after that high of their 360, I'll bet DRM looked like a win in their eyes.‎
Overall, I think this will be a good learning experience, and just like the other two competitors, Microsoft should hopefully come back strong and give us the competition the industry strives on next gen.‎

Rude-ro187d ago (Edited 187d ago )

They did not get negative press from any major gaming/news outlets. They are partnered and even own some.
They got negative comments in the comment sections for sure...
But a lot of sites did what they could to do damage control against the negative vibe amongst the commenters or consumers. From digital foundry/euro gamer underplaying any advantages by praising high end PCs first, to “scientist broke down siting distances to be able to tell a difference between consoles” etc...
So that excuse does not fly.
But you are right, if Microsoft actually becomes a gaming company and not a third party leech to hit back against Sony, they can come back.

strayanalog187d ago

You saw no negative articles from any gaming press over DRM? Respectfully, I think we can agree to disagree here. We must of went to different sites, because all I remember is DRM negativity, which in my opinion was deserved. No one asked for DRM. Sure, I did see one or two sites that had no problems with the DRM fiasco or would talk about benefits, but they were in the minority from my perspective.
From the get-go, Microsoft had lost most of the community over that slip, aswell as myself.
E3 2013 didn't help them either with the announcements Sony made, like the "how to share your games on PS4" video.
Overall, it was definitely their own fault that they're in this situation, but trying to piece together things to drop DRM and gain community favor in a brush of panic didn't help. They focused on the wrong things, like buying 3rd party exclusives instead of making their own.‎ In my opinion, Microsoft couldn't see the forest from the trees.

Rude-ro187d ago

I just googled Xbox one drm...
Did not see any bashing.
Saw tons about Microsoft is removing drm due to fan outcry.
Saw articles that were more recent in using the drm as a reason for the troubles...
But no outcry from the media. A few that were defending the positives..
So.. kind of proves my point.

Max-Zorin187d ago

Throw the whole Xbox staff away, fer nothing but new faces. The people there now, are clearly out of touch.

Gamist2dot0187d ago (Edited 187d ago )

The market wants value for the product. Power is great but if it doesn't meet the right price, it will not work.The X1X would have been a seller if it sold at $399. No, this isn't wishful thinking and I know that a huge lost, and maybe that's why Sony went with the Pro release in 2016. Look at the history of video games and beginning of this gen: even with the removal of the Kinect, the PS4 is more powerful and it cost the same as Xbox one.

And yes, exclusive games play an important role in value especially when there's quality in them.

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