Target expands Blu-ray space for hardware, software. Move a response to customer demand

VB:Target has significantly stepped up its Blu-ray Disc software and hardware merchandising, as it responds to rising customer demand for the format.

Starting in July, the chain reconfigured its home entertainment sections, granting Blu-ray titles 18 feet of in-rack display space. For two Los Angeles-area stores, that amounts to room for 150 title facings, marking a 67% jump from these same outlets' disc slots in May.

"Our goal is to create a fun, intuitive shopping environment where our guests will find all of there wants and needs under one roof," Target spokesman Joshua Thomas said. "Our guests are becoming increasingly interested in high-definition, and we are committed to providing them with a great assortment of the industry's best solutions."

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eric1004667d ago (Edited 4667d ago )

Typical MS and their BS

DARK KNIGHT , LBP and RESISTANCE 2 will give the final death blow to X360 , DVD and MS

Makidian4667d ago

That's almost what I was going to say 'but but but blue rae is teh suckz and HD-DVD drools, I mean rulez!' People can speculate that BD is never going to hit like DVD but all signs point to a big fat yes it is. Don Resinger, Aaron 'fatass' Greenberg, and any other naysayers might as well pull their heads out of each others butts and give each other a big fat kiss. Maybe then they will all get sick and die

Shaka2K64667d ago

The xbug 3rd60 sucks still using last gen. dvd no wonder gears of war 1.5 looks like a wii game and its only 2 hours long!

jahcure4667d ago

Greenberg said Bluray is not making inroads. According to him, all people buying HDTVs will prefer sd dvd.

Maybe Target Corp. didn't get the memo?


MAR-TYR-DOM4667d ago

are Greenberg and Patcher related?

DARKKNIGHT4667d ago (Edited 4667d ago )

I have noticed in-store Best buy, blockbuster,etc + online retailers bluray stock growing.The funniest thing is these guys makes these comments and then hulk makes some STUPID numbers. These guys get blown UP as fanboys, and in the process lose all credibility(what little is left).

Seriously now, how many units do you guys think DARK KNIGHT is gonna push?!?!?!?!?!? LOL. yeah, bluray is teh dooomzed

We can go on all day with facts....but the sales speak for themselves....the PQ and the 7.1 ROAR for themselves. I dont understand how some choose to ignore the same thing that has happened for 2 generations of sony case some dont remember. Currently, All signs point to sony winning the public over with yet another Storage format.

juuken4667d ago

Lol, I thought bluray died? xD;

Bathyj4667d ago

Ha, as soon as I read the title, I knew someone would say "but, but, but".

Oh yeah, go BR !

MNicholas4667d ago

by all except those who are left-overs from the Dreamcast fan club.

badz1494667d ago

are payed retards! GreenB is payed to talk rubbish and stay in the present time forever by refusing to see that the future is blu and Pachter is payed to pull numbers or whatever sh!t out his a$$ and post them as news! those 2 will never learn!

I remember at the time when HDDVD was still around, M$ offered the add-on and when being interviewed about the purpose, GreenB or whoever it was from M$ said that they are giving what the people wants! now that HDDVD is dead, they totally dump the format and stretch their effort to DD! (although at the same time selling a HDD-less SKU) so, what happen to all those "giving what the people wants" thing?

SL1M DADDY4667d ago

Hope the fanboys eat it up. As for me, BD is alive and well in my house. I have yet to buy a standard DVD since I bought the PS3. BD just looks too good to settle for upscaling.

mpmaley4667d ago

TDK will push 1 million in its first week.

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Raoh4667d ago


every person, store, family, couch, microwaveable popcorn is reading themselves for Batman: Dark Knight on Blu Ray

lol if iron man, the hulk and transformers did well these past few weeks..

imagine batman LOL

Imallvol74667d ago

lol @ jahcure

you know the media hates sony almost as much as they like to make fun of and hate palin!

CrippleH4667d ago

Sarah Palin: Say it ain't so Joe Six Pack *wink wink*

I want to light her on fire.

meepmoopmeep4667d ago

nah, it was Hockey Mom...

or Maverick


shovelbum4666d ago

Make all the space you want but I'm not going to pay $25-30 bucks per Blu ray movie. I have about 50 Blu titles (550-600 dvd titles) but most came from sales where the price was $15-20, which i have no problem paying. I still buy the heck out of used dvd's because if the title isn't heavy on computer animation or effects, then why not get 4 movies for $20? Seriously thirty bucks for a movie. ANyway glad they're expanding because I shop there a lot.

eric1004667d ago

PS3 will tear away TRASH BOX 3 FIX ME in October, November and December

600k PS3s would be sold worldwide just for DARK KNIGHT alone not to mention LBP , Resistance 2 and Motorstorm 2

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