Sega is Doing a Better Job With Classic Games on the Switch than Nintendo is

Sega is bringing some classic games to to the Switch, leading gamers to wonder just where Nintendo is at with this whole thing.

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Fullmetalevolust274d ago (Edited 274d ago )

Well, if by "classic games" they mean rehashed genesis/Megadrive games then yeah they got it covered. They got it covered so well that Sega "classic games" are already available on many platforms. Plus they are re-releasing a genesis compilation on ps4 soon enough.
Then they have the audacity to say that if the 15 games they're releasing are successful then they'll release some Saturn and DC games. How about releasing those Saturn and DC games first to give gamers the chance to play something fresh and deserving of a re-release? It's like dangling a carrot one can never reach, how insulting.
Please tweet them @: to let them know that gamers want Saturn and DC games.

SegaGamer274d ago

Can't disagree with you there. Mega Drive games have be re-released on every console since Sega left the console making market. I know it was their number 1 console, but it's time for the Master System, Saturn and Dreamcast to get some of the special treatment.

CyberShenDoom274d ago

I'd probably buy a Switch for Panzer dragoon saga... Maybe.
It is indeed lame to have the far more desirable Saturn and Dreamcast re-releases pending the sales of exhausted Genesis re-releases.

higgins78274d ago

These dumbass comments I see everywhere. You'd "probably buy a Switch for Panzer" but ABOTW, Odyssey, Rabbids, Splatoon 2, etc, etc, etc don't warrant the same reaction? Besides that, who buys a console for one Saturn game!?

Zodiac274d ago

Plz keep all the classic Nintendo games away for a long time. It’s so refreshing to not see 9/10 of the bestseller list on the eshop be NES and SNES games. When it started on the Wii, it was fine, because you couldn’t do it before, but after every damn week of the Wii and WiiU just being 20 years old games, I started to get annoyed.

Fullmetalevolust274d ago

Agreed, give me Gamecube games instead, there are a lot of gems on that system starting with Baiten Kaitos and a solid version of Skies of Arcadia. Virtual Console would be great for these GC games, not nes or snes, again already available on many platforms.

Tross274d ago

They actually made a better emulator for their Game Gear on the 3DS than Nintendo did with their classic Gameboy and Gameboy Color too. Yeah, figure that one out.

DJK1NG_Gaming274d ago

If you want frisking NES-SNES so bad go get a NES-SNES Classic

higgins78274d ago

Agreed. Or Pi, softmodded Wii, etc, etc.

SR388274d ago

@higgins78 ... Your right people are stupid for saying that... I play my Switch everyday with all games I enjoy... Buying a console for and old rehashed 20+ year old game is just well... Don't even wanna say the word lol