Is EA's Image and Reputation Forever Ruined With Gamers

On this week's episode of The Trophy Room: A PlayStation Podcast, hosts Joseph and Kyle talk about how they're try to manage God of War 4's hype, and What Sony has learned as a publisher, this generation. Former Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) CEO Andrew House talks about the future of the PlayStation brand, and what he thinks the PlayStation 5 will look like. Star Wars Battlefront 2's loot boxes are back, and EA's CEO Patrick Söderlund, talks about how they need to fix their image with gamers, but is it already too little too late? Lastly the gang talks about being done with Destiny 2, new Bioshock rumors, and much more.
God of War Hype and What Sony does right and Xbox gets wrong: 06:36 - 23:49
Xbox Drive: 23:59 - 25:27
EA's Ruined reputation: 25:28 - 38:37
Kingdom Hearts News: 38:28 - 43:37
Done with Destiny 2: 43:37 - 46:34
PS5 rumors, and Insight: 46:36 - 55:35
Shenmue remastered, New Bioshock, and viewer mail 55:35 - Fin

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PhoenixUp2229d ago

What reputation did EA have to ruin?

porkChop2228d ago

2007-2009 EA was pretty great. That's when they were trying new things like Dead Space and taking risks with games like Mirror's Edge. MW2 came and sold incredibly well at the end of 2009, and that's when EA started chasing COD money. Ever since then they've just been circling the drain.

Derceto2229d ago (Edited 2229d ago )

Um.... they haven't had a reputation worth a crap since the mid 2000's.

If you still have any respect whatsoever for and/or give this company your money in this day and age, well, then you are a moron. Plain and simple.

TheOttomatic912229d ago

With a majority of the gaming community yes but there are still some willing to give them a shot due to all the valuable IP they have.

plmkoh2229d ago

"Some" willing? I think you'll find the minority is the gaming community with the rest the majority. Their stock prices don't lie, people are buying their games by the truck load.

AnubisG2229d ago

Unfortunately that is true.

SWBF2 sold 7+million copies while the Way Out sold 1 million. Yes, one million is amazing for that small game but EA only looks at numbers and 7 million is more than 1 million so they think that they are justified and the numbers back them up. They look at the bottom line and the bottom line is that uniformed people buy their crap.

plmkoh2229d ago


Yep exactly, N4G can bitch all they want. The negative signals are falling on deaf ears.

thorstein2229d ago

I'll be happy to take any EA stock off your hands for a low price.

That way, in 10 years I will make a huge profit.

EA isn't going anywhere.

Hardiman2229d ago

They've been the plague to me for years!

AnubisG2229d ago

They ruined it years ago by progressivley ruining their games. Lootboxes were the final nail in their coffin. Used car salesman are working at EA.

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Embracer Group to split into three separate companies

In a bold move to revamp its operations and reputation, Embracer Group has announced plans to divide into three distinct entities.

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purple1015h ago

Splits into 3, so 3 times as many middle managers, never a good thing isn’t that what ruined them in the first place ?

Bathyj1h ago

Well people complain when they consolidate and there's redundancies. This is the opposite so apparently you can't win.

Honestly huge companies being less huge is a good thing. I think ABK should have done the same thing, then they could have had more than one possible buyer to purchase them. It was really Microsoft or no one how they stood.