Why You Should Play The God of War Trilogy From Your Backlog

BacklogCritic: "The God of War trilogy consists of three of the greatest games to ever grace Sony’s consoles. The epic tale of anti-hero Kratos’ revenge on the pantheon of Greek gods unfolds with feverish drama and spectacle. Cutting edge visual presentation, exhilarating set pieces, intense combat and creative level design converge to make this one of PlayStation’s definitive and quintessential adventures."

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Hardiman779d ago

I started 3 last night in anticipation for Thursday! It's held up well but I am so glad they went in the direction they did and after reading an article in Forbes yesterday about the semi open world nature and all the loot my excitement is bursting at the seams!

SuperSonic91779d ago

GOW 3 made me believe in SSM.

Hardiman779d ago

I enjoyed the first one but 2 blew me away with it's concepts and 3 was a fitting close to the trilogy!

Einhander1971779d ago

Stunning games all of em :)

beanplant779d ago

I played 1,2 and Chains of Olympus to prepare my self for this game when it was announced. Then I took a break and then realized I pre ordered this game and just recently played 3 and Ascension and about to finish Ghost of Sparta. I'm pretty excited for the new one to say the least