Far Cry 2: A Game Without Frontiers

Tom Chick writes: "You start out in Far Cry 2 with malaria, a machete, and a hostile army chasing you. The first step is getting out of Dodge. Where you go from there is up to you.

Far Cry 2 is probably one of the most open-ended shooters you'll ever play. The world is split into two giant maps, but the first region is wide open from the get-go (the second region unlocks about a third of the way into the storyline). On these maps, which Ubisoft says are 50x50 kilometers, you can go anywhere, at any time, and do nearly any mission you'd like, in rain, shine, day, or night.

Not to say that Far Cry 2 will be aimless. The early parts of the game are slightly predetermined to get you underway and introduce you to a couple of key characters. But after that, this swathe of Africa is yours to roam as you please. There maps are criss-crossed with roads, rivers, and railways, and dotted with settlements, guard outposts, villas, and depots. Exclamation points show the location of missions. There are different kinds of missions that play out in different ways."

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