The ‘Bloodborne is free on PS Plus so I finally played it’ review

A critical and commercial success, Bloodborne is one of the most beloved games of the PlayStation 4.

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Krangs_Uncle186d ago

This is going to be a very stupid question.. Can i still get the free games from previous months, even though I missed it last month?

Goldby186d ago

unfortunely not,

but if you are contemplating getting bloodborne, its usually on sale because of its age now. and definitly worth it.
specially if you get the old hunters dlc included or for super cheap

Krangs_Uncle186d ago

Quite shocking I haven't played it yet to be honest... Will have to be post GOW now though.

ThanatosDMC186d ago

Try the used bins from stores. Game prices for the ones that are free on PS+ usually drop down in price for less than $20.

The Wood186d ago

Wow. . I haven't seen Thanatos is ages. . .how been. . .

@Krangs uncle. .

Definitely worth the pick up

mikeslemonade185d ago

Bloodborne is game of the generations. Your perspective and review doesn’t count because you didn’t play it when it came out.

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LoveSpuds186d ago

Seriously, once you are done with GOW, do yourself a favour and pick up Bloodborne.

There is a reason there is so much hype surrounding this game, for me, its a close run thing between The Last of Us and Bloodborne for my favourite game of all time, it really is that fantastic!

Hope you enjoy GOW too, I am hoping my copy turns up tomorrow, really excited to see what the fuss is about :)

SpinalRemains138185d ago

Same here with those two. Great minds and all that.

CaptainObvious878185d ago

I plated it when it released, but due to the huge increase in the community thanks to it coming to PSN Plus I've put another 100 hours into it and can't seem to put it down.

Matrix6186d ago

That wasn't even an actual game review. I don't how far the writer advanced in the game, but it doesn't sound very far to me. You played for a few hours (maybe), not well played. You missed out on so much more, and I haven't even finished it...

Yi-Long186d ago

You can't finish Bloodborne: Bloodborne finishes you.

Fullmetalevolust185d ago

@Yi-Long: thank you! That's how I feel every time I play it. It kicks my ass so much! And I am decent gamer, Demon souls didn't give me that much trouble (Well a lot of trouble, but not like that!)

Gaming101185d ago

lol I completely agree with this review. Bloodborne is nothing special. It has clunky combat, a clunky camera, if something like that giant pig rushes you, it hits you taking half your health away, then before you can even get up during the animation, it registers another hit and you're dead, back to the beginning. The game is a mediocre action game like all the souls games, only trying to be different by removing checkpoints and removing all progress if you die, only having to find the creature that stole all your progress points. If the combat would actually register hits properly (hit detection is poor compared to much better games like God of War) it might gain more interest from me, but all I see here are loser gamers trying to get past a hard game to give themselves some fake sense of accomplishment that they never get from any other aspect of their life.

You know how to recreate the Souls' games formula? Take any other average hack and slash, remove most of the checkpoints such that you can play for 2 hours or more and lost all progress because of cheap hits and things killing you off screen, and remove all progress points when you die. That's it. Add in checkpoints or even allow people to save whenever they like, and you'll see how mediocre the game actually plays. The only intensity comes from the massive punishment from dying, and the cheap hits that come your way, so who cares?

angelsx186d ago

I still haven’t play it.

jerethdagryphon186d ago

Its not bad pretty easy *polishes demons souls plat* very good games all souls are

Youngindy21186d ago

I could never get into a game like Bloodborne. It's too weird and creepy looking. Even with it being free, I played it and I was like yeah this game isn't for me.

Eiyuuou186d ago

There’s no shame in that. Each to their own.

Games4ever186d ago

Feel the same. Bloodborne is not for me.

angelsx186d ago

Feel the same it’s not for me

Elda185d ago

To each their own . I felt the same about TW3.

Dragonscale185d ago

Me too. No comparison really.

RememberThe357185d ago

I played it when it first came out and felt the same way. I downloaded it when it was free and cot damn I love this game. I think after playing Nioh I was ready to get into the weirdness, it reminded me of the fist time I played DMC.

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