Ubisoft E3 2018: What to Expect & Why

Heavy writes: "Will we get more Beyond Good & Evil 2? Will there be another silly dance sequence? All that and more is answered in this in-depth article on Ubisoft E3 2018."

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atomaweapon1051d ago

this looks so ridiculous. a chick with a power fro and a monkey stealin stuff

Lighter91051d ago

That pic makes me shudder.

yellowgerbil1051d ago

after the surprise of Mario + Rabbids I can't see anything topping last years.

Relientk771051d ago

Still waiting for a new Prince of Persia

Derceto1051d ago

What to expect: Garbage
Why: Because history dictates it.

Jakens1049d ago

Ubisoft does awesome games that fit my playstyle almost perfectly. My opinion.

ratedviper1051d ago

It looks awesome don't mind the haters.