Ninja Theory Sells More Than 50k in First Week on Xbox

“We’ve hit our target of selling 50K units of #Hellblade on #XboxOne in Week 1!

We can now donate $25K to Mental Health America @MentalHealthAm !

We still have 1 day of Week 1 left, so let’s hit our stretch goal of 100K units! If we do it by Apr 18 we can donate $50K!”

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Malice-Flare184d ago

is that more than they need for the Charity? nice...

coolbeans184d ago

Yes, for the $25k tier; unfortunately, doesn't look like the 50k tier (100k sales in ~1 week) will be reached. Time to spam everyone on the last day. :P

183d ago
xer0183d ago

It’s funny... for a UK based company, they want to donate to an American charity and not a UK charity 😂

ScootaKuH183d ago

Yeah I thought that as well. I guess charity doesn't begin at home after all...

Mr Pumblechook183d ago (Edited 183d ago )

This month Microsoft unfortunately hasn't released any notable exclusives so it was a given that Xbox owners would jump all over this quality experience. I'm happy Ninja Theory are making money from this and happy that Xbox owners are having fun with this.

Automatic79184d ago

Congratulations Ninja Theory

UltraNova184d ago

Well deserved. Glad xbox gamers are on this game it deserves every single copy sold.

fewDankMemes183d ago

Hellblade domination across the nations on all platforms despite your preferred location! Congrats Ninja Theory

corroios184d ago

It deserved so much more.

Kribwalker183d ago

50,000 in 4days for a game that was already released 8 months ago that sold 500,000 in 3 months isn’t bad at all. Some people like me that are multi console owners have already picked it up as well.

SickWolf183d ago

Indeed, one of the best games released this generation.

Darth Gamer184d ago

Playing it now on the Xbox One X. Beautiful game and very well made. A must have for all.

JayRyu184d ago

Great job Ninja Theory! I'm enjoying the heck out of this game. It looks amazing on the 1X as well.

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The story is too old to be commented.