Gears of War 2 Multiplayer Maps Revealed

Chris Buffa of GameDaily writes:

"A powerful avalanche, razor hail and some old favorites highlight GOW 2's excellent multiplayer environments."

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^_^3653d ago

||i will pretend to care ok i care||

SpecialSauce3653d ago

it was corny and retarded. i usually defend PS3 but my honest opion is that this game kicks R2's @$$. im gonna laugh when this game comes out with it's amazing reviews and then R2 comes around with average scores. u think they even compare? lol!!! it's gonna be sooo funny. all the blind fan boys will be soooooo disappointed. LBP will be better than both games tho

SpartanZero3653d ago

OMG I can't frikin wait for this game!

Imallvol73653d ago

very cool! can't wait for this game!!! i just have to find time to play everything. too much gaming goodness this year!

johover1123653d ago

I think the best part is experiencing a new board for the first time, makes me think where is a good cover area right before the storm of bullets arrive. lol

shovelbum3652d ago

Those look sweet. Getting more and more anxious for this game if that's possible. I also wonder if the ice will have any effect on Canals. I can imagine some funny and frustrating deaths coming from it if so.

Harry Flopper3653d ago (Edited 3653d ago )

Cool looking maps,it's a shame the hardware is a POS that breaks down moreso than a Britney Spears supporter!

*Hops on Nimbus 2000* OLD SCHOOL BEEEECHESSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!

vmanj3653d ago

Last One is my favourite...not too big and not too small!!!
cant wait 4 gears 2 all these articlez and videoz r getting me hyped up more and more

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