Cory Barlog on the sadistic Give Me God of War difficulty (and tips to survive it)

God of War is the highest rated game in the series but what you might not know yet is that this eighth entry is also the most difficult.

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DarkOcelet182d ago

I can't wait to get my hands on it even though I highly doubt Give Me God Of War diff will be harder than GOW 2 Titan mode. that shit was insane on so many levels.

mafiahajeri182d ago

I always play on the hardest difficulty, cant enjoy it otherwise BUT I will not go through the toughest locked difficulties, screw that xD

Sunny_D182d ago

If a game provides trophies for the hardest difficulties, that also gives me more of an incentive to play on the hardest difficulty besides the challenge. Usually, it unlocks the the lower difficulty trophies as well.

Jinger182d ago

I perused the trophy list and there is no requirement to beat it on the hardest difficulties.

mafiahajeri181d ago (Edited 181d ago )

Yup just might give it a crack with this one after my first play through, just cause its GOW.

Nice avatar 😁😉

rpvenom181d ago (Edited 181d ago )

I can see why people enjoy playing it on the hardest difficulty.. but personally for me.. even though I consider myself a good player and CAN beat the hardest.. for the first time playing.. I play on normal because I'd imagine that's how the developers want you to experience the game.. like that's how it's meant to be played.. you're supposed to feel powerful to a certain extent and that's what makes the character story more believable that he can achieve all these feats. But hey to each their own.. I'm glad MHW is dropping a new elder dragon tomorrow to hold me over until GOW!! dying of anticipation!!

Oh also by playing the normal difficulty first.. it gives me replay value to try it on the harder difficulties again

Heelix181d ago (Edited 181d ago )

Once you've beaten the game on normal difficulty.
You've learnt the mechanics of the games
and you know what to expect from the game on a higher difficulty for a second play through

You'll be better equipped for the challenge.

watchem181d ago

Is this difficulty unlocked at the start?

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