30° Players Crush SOCOM:Confrontation Servers, Lots Of Gamers On The Outside Looking In

ZKG writes "Finally, I get done and am ready to play when I am called away for something, this was at about 4:00pm eastern time. I got back home about 6:30pm eastern time and tried to get into a game, but I had a problem with my wireless headset because I could hear other people but they couldn't hear me. So I quit the game to go fix the microphone issues, bad move. After making the quick changes I needed, which took about 2 minutes I go and try to start the game back up again. That's when I get a little "Failed to Log In To Server" error."

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Jandre023653d ago

I was having a hella lot of fun too. The servers got absolutely pwnt.

Skyreno3653d ago

well i keep pressing start alot then i finaly get in and later when to channels nobody was in 0 in japan ,korea nobody later there were 18 players playing , i join later time out :(

Skyreno3653d ago

wait i just got in right now

Raoh3653d ago

some people got the game yesterday, some today

today is when MOST people got it...

the servers are slammed with connects and update downloads..

even if only for the first week sony needs to have servers available for launch weeks

or a better solution might be a patch server that holds patches but not is not connected to the game bandwidth

play on one server, download from another..



cya just got on :)

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