In Defense of the Portability of the Switch Dock

— Nintendo Enthusiast:

Some think the official Nintendo Switch dock is bulky and not travel-friendly. A recent trip proved to me this isn't really the case.

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FallenAngel1984186d ago

Imagine the world of difference it would make if the Switch itself had an HDMI port on it.

porkChop186d ago

Yeah, a mini HDMI port would have been smart. Though due to the vents on the back, the Switch would likely need to lie face down.

Gemmol186d ago

Then it would just be a vita

wonderfulmonkeyman186d ago

The only reason I don't really use the dock outside of my home is because there's rarely any opportunity for me to do so.
But there IS a dock on kickstarter [I think it got funded already] that also acts as both a battery bank and a projector, which has me very interested.
I'm just worried about whether or not it would brick my Switch. If it would, then it's not worth the purchase.