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Kratos’ new beginning is full of heart, loaded with action and is easily one of the best games of this generation.

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Gamist2dot01985d ago

It's only 3 more days. No biggie... ... ... *knee starts twitching* okay, that's really a long wait.

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G20WLY1985d ago

🤔 I'm thinking this game seems to be doing rather well...

Edito1984d ago

No it's not all those websites and reviewers are being biased lol :-) April 20 get over here...

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Could Young Kratos Defeat Old Kratos?

While most critics and gamers have praised his character arc, some of us can’t help but wonder one simple thing: Could the older, wiser Kratos stand a chance against his younger, more ferocious self?

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neutralgamer199217d ago

Yes because young had one mission


Sciurus_vulgaris17d ago

Young Kratos seems more powerful than his future counterpart. Kratos mentions losing some of his previous powers from the Greek-saga in Ragnarok. However, some Santa Monica developers have stated that Old Kratos is stronger than his younger self.

Popsicle17d ago (Edited 17d ago )

Absolutely, young Kratos was still capable of jumping vertically. Something old Kratos seems completely incapable of.

Fist4achin17d ago

Couldn't they just hug it out and old K could impart some wisdom and who to watch out for that will jack him up?!