Shenmue I & II Gets New 1080p Screenshots Showing Improved Image Quality

The Japanese arm of Sega has released an additional batch of screenshots of Shenmue I & II showing forklift races, combat, Hong Kong and more.

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AngainorG7X186d ago (Edited 186d ago )

Can't wait!!!

iplay1up2185d ago

They should have remastered. Not just 1080p. These games did not age well.

meganick185d ago

This is a remaster. The word you’re looking for is remake.

mikeslemonade185d ago (Edited 185d ago )

Updated graphics does not mean remake either. There is no defined line one what is a remake and what is a remastered. Basically it's up to the interpretation of the person's perspective.

And yes it's disappointing that it's only a remaster with just a resolution and frame rate bump.

It shouldn't be $30.

HunchbackPotato185d ago

"Shenmue I & II Gets New 1080p Screenshots Showing Improved Image Quality"

For the PC version, the title would make no sense. it's just a click away to change that. $30 is way too much for something that's a click away to change. RE4 HD has way better treatment and is cheaper.

kevnb185d ago (Edited 185d ago )

the argument about what a remaster is will never end unless everyone realizes its just a marketing term for a port. The mastering process is done for movies/tv and music, not video games (except maybe soundtracks and pre rendered cut scenes).

StormSnooper185d ago

I don’t think you understand what made these games great.

link2Dpast185d ago

Don’t get all the dislikes. I completely agree, if your gonna bring older games to a newer gen spruce it up, update the graphics. You can literally play shenmue on P.C with emulator at 1080p, so nothing new here

dmonee185d ago

I agree. My niece has an old Dreamcast. After an hour of Shenmue, I was done! After being happy and nostalgic, I thought the same thing, “this game hasn’t aged well. It is so slow and empty. To usher in shenmue 3, they may have been better off remaking these two games.

DigitalRaptor185d ago (Edited 185d ago )

@ HunchbackPotato

Does PC clicking also give you an updated UI and modern control scheme or achievements?

'Cause resolution is not the only improvement they're offering for $30.

@ dmonee

Shenmue II is not even close to as slow-paced or "empty" as the first game, so I don't agree that both games need a remake because the first game emulates the daily life of a teenager looking for answers in a small town. All SEGA needed to do was add the time-skip option to the first game, but they didn't - because they want to preserve the game like that. It's a shame and would have helped with the pacing, but oh well.

The first game is slow and methodically paced because that is how Yu Suzuki intended his (at the time 11 parts) story to be paced. Fun fact: the first game was brought to market because after SEGA AM2 worked on the game for so long there was pressure to release something, and so they released chapter 1 while they continued to work on the bigger & better Shenmue II for release the following year. It's a shame you gave up after 1 hour - both games to this day still offer something no other games do.

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CobraKai185d ago

Me too. I think they’ve aged nicely. Still a beautiful Dreamcast game!!

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Magnus186d ago

Hopefully there will be a release date soon

C-H-E-F186d ago

Bruh, I just remembered that we have to get jobs, haha I remember moving crates for like 10 real life days to get the guap.

iplay1up2185d ago (Edited 185d ago )

Dude, bruh, is not a word, unless you live in Hawaii, drives me nuts when posers use it! I live in So Cali and we don't even say that!

Teflon02185d ago

How about you fix your sentence structure, before you complain about how people choose to talk/type bruh

yoshatabi185d ago

Bruh, who the hell cares if uses that word.

Dark_Knightmare2185d ago

Bruh, who the hell are you to tell someone how to talk.

StormSnooper185d ago (Edited 185d ago )

Like bruh....

But seriously, I say live and let live. I’m trying to remember where did we forget that fundamental principle. I think it was somewhere between the political storms since September of 2001 and the culture of the internet. Can we go back to how we used to be?

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chiefJohn117185d ago

You need to calm down bruh.

passenger77186d ago

I've never played Shenmue. And it seems my kind of game

Segata185d ago

Just don't expect action heavy games. They are not Yakuza. Lovely games when you accept they are more about adventure

StormSnooper185d ago

Definitely give it a go. It’s like an amazing book that you play. There is something about the first one that has never been done since.

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