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Though it was once hate and anger that fueled Kratos' desire to fight, he now fights out of love, which is a huge departure in tone for the series — and ultimately transforms it into something more powerful, poignant and unforgettable.

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NewMonday184d ago

this is the result of Sony applying Naughty Dogs standards across their studios

Santa Monica Studio/GOW
Guerrilla Games/Horizon Zero Dawn
Sucker Punch/ Ghost of Tsushima

Insomniac are independent but the production standard of Sony is clear in Spider-man

Bend Studio are almost their with Days Gone

Quantic Dream look to have improved their narrative and choice effect

the brand of quality is no longer just Naughty Dog, it's the whole of Sony Worldwide Studios

Thatguy-310184d ago

Then the beauty of working with Sony is that they get to help each other

Gamist2dot0184d ago

Can't believe you forgot one. You know, where he left one company to work with Sony on his vision.

The_Sage184d ago

Death Stranding, I presume.

NewMonday183d ago

other than the tech that game is all Kojima, Sony has enough credit.

though it can be argued he couldn't fulfill his vision with other publishers, just look how MS screwed Hideki Kamiya.

SuperSonic91184d ago (Edited 184d ago )

Been a fan of ND since Uncharted 2 (my PS3 GOTG) but when I played GoW 3 I was like " that game looked and played on par if not better than Uncharted 2!!! Why is SSM not regarded as high as ND?"

I think there is a standard among SIE WWS as they are mandated to work together as one unit although diverse.

S2Killinit184d ago

Sony Santa Monica has always been at the penicole of game development.

GaboonViper184d ago

Can't wait for Days Gone, zombie bears.

IRetrouk184d ago

Its all about that ice team!!!

184d ago
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Atticus_finch184d ago

Sony can rest easy knowing they have the best team of developers in the whole world.

SuperSaiyanGod41184d ago

Also I love that they give them time, days gone looks great but I felt it still needed time to polish and improve in small areas, the delay was perfect not only for polish but u don't want to release it around other huge games like red dead 2 especially for a new IP. Sony are doing the right moves with all their first party games.

Atticus_finch184d ago

I agree. Days gone looks insane and with more time, it is sure to be smash hit.

ILostMyMind184d ago

Fabulous...? 🌈🌈🌈 27752;🌈

G20WLY184d ago

Sony only seems to have competition in-house at the moment, it's just crazy quality and quantity!