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God of War is the kind of lush, expensive single-player experience that has become increasingly rare in a world where online, service-heavy titles have come to dominate blockbuster games. It feels singular in its purpose, and it pulls it off magnificently.

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Hardiman187d ago

Yes single player games are here to stay and when done right can be quite profitable! So glad Sony is doubling down on narrative driven SP experiences!

SP games like Metroid, Zelda, Castlemania and Mega Man solidified my love for gaming as a kid in the 80's! Through all the gens that love has only grown but this gen in particular has rejuvenated that love with it's graphical fidelity and the levels of immersion devs can deliver now!

Games like Second Son, Bloodborne, Witcher 3, Arkham Knight, Gravity Rush 2(very underrated game) Nier Automata, Persona 5, HZD, Uncharted(Nate Drake Collection-Lost Legacy) TLOU Remastered (TLOU2) Prey, Fallout 4, AC Origins, Shadow of Mordor, Breadth of the Wild, Mario Odyssey, The Last Guardian, Shadow of the Colossus, Until Dawn, Tales of Berseria, Berserk, Hyper Light Drifter, and Metal Gear Solid V were just some of the SP games that I lost hours in! Now God of War is almost upon us and will take its place in gaming history!!!!!

showtimefolks187d ago

single player games are going nowhere they're actually becoming stronger, Publishers are investing heavily into story-driven games and experiences and it would not surprise me if other Publishers jump on board

Take two
CD project red

Some of the biggest publishers are pushing the boundaries. I know take two loves MT but their games have strong single player related content too

Even ubi are pushing for story driven games


These 3 are going all in on GAAS

CP_Company187d ago

take two are heavy on microtransactions

showtimefolks186d ago (Edited 186d ago )


They are also responsible for great single player games

Bioshock supposedly in development, they release mafia 3, gta 5, rdr 2 etc

Unlike Ea, ms and Activision publishers like ubi and take two go after micro transactions while providing somewhat good value for single player gamers. Those 3 are only focused on GAAS

Activision: DS2, COD

All about GAAS MT/LB

zeuanimals186d ago


I wouldn't list Mafia 3 in a list of great single player games.

Lovable187d ago

I love how Sony exclusives are just one upping each other. Yes, they take the good part of the other, but there's always evolution and improvement.

SuperSaiyanGod41186d ago

I see people say it tries to follow tlou and dark souls but I don't see anything wrong with that aslong as they do it right and kratos is still badass building on to the series in a new direction only makes it feel fresh and gives us more for our money.

KwietStorm187d ago

Don't see any of those 'Last Of Us clone' articles and comments around these days.


What, last of the gods comes out in 3 days.

DigitalRaptor186d ago (Edited 186d ago )

That's because, well... the similarities are not really there other than Kratos having a child accompanying him, and even knowing that, reviewers have said that it feels completely different and that game doesn't even enter the mind when playing.

Santa Monica is ripping off TLOU's Metascore, that's pretty much the only truth to it. :)

Elda187d ago

These scores just won't stop!

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