Upcoming Nintendo Switch games to keep on your radar

P&L write :"It’s going to be a busy few month’s over on Nintendo Switch. With games like Garage set to bring some much needed gore to the console and the epic looking Manticore: Galaxy On Fire, planet Switch is looking an exciting place right now. We’ve also listed a few other releases that you should keep on your gaming radar."

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Heelix928d ago

portable souls, crash and donkey kong . . thumbs up

Elda928d ago

Manticore & Garage looks interesting.

Segata928d ago

Looking forward to Fallen Legion next month.

3-4-5928d ago

E3 for me....Nothing releasing until then really excites me and all my most wanted are late 2018 and 2019.

I can't wait to see what surprises are at E3 though...should be good for all companies this year.

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