Alternate 1920s RTS Iron Harvest More Than Triples Funding Goal At Campaign's Conclusion

"King ART Games’s Iron Harvest has become the most successful Kickstarter-funded video game in almost a year, raising just short USD$1.3 million."

Traingamez2277d ago

Looks cool glad it got the money!!

warriorcase2277d ago

Gameplay looks fun as hell, like a steampunk CoH. I'm in


“Iron Harvest 1920+” has just released its "world map campaign" update for PC

"The Munich-based (Germany) video games publisher Deep Silver and Bremen-based (Germany) indie games developer KING Art Games, today announced with great joy and excitement that they have just released the “world map campaign” update for their real-time strategy game “Iron Harvest 1920+” (the "world map campaign" update is available right now for PC via Steam, GOG, and the Epic Games Store)." - Jonas Ek, TGG.


The Humble Choice lineup for January 2022 is here

Humble has revealed the January 2022 lineup of free games for Humble Choice subscribers. For a monthly fee, you’ll get up to five times the value in games on a monthly basis.

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Review: Operation Eagle is a thrilling expansion to Iron Harvest - Entertainium

Operation Eagle doesn’t particularly change the Iron Harvest formula, but it does add another very enjoyable campaign, complete air units for all factions.

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