Opinion: What would we need from a new Bioshock?

A new Bioshock is reportedly in development at 2K games, but the franchise needs to have a pretty drastic change in order to remain relevant.

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ziggurcat781d ago

I would like to see a return to the old, creepy factor that the first game had.

NecrumOddBoy780d ago

MetroidVania and Story driven

ElectricBentoME780d ago

completely agree, the last one lost the scare/creepy factor.

tim666780d ago

that would be very nice. i´m a big fan of the creepy atmosphere from the first game.

joab777780d ago

Yep. I want Alsace anywhere back for strategic purposes. And loved the camera. But we will need an epic story, amazing enemies and an atmospheric setting.

dedicatedtogamers780d ago

Yeah, that and a more free-form structure. I think Dishonored 1 and 2 blew Bioshock out of the water (although each game has strengths and weaknesses). Since Infinte we've also had Prey and Deus Ex, so I think a new Bioshock has to step it up. Infinite was okay within the context of the BIoshock series, but as a game within that particular subgenre it was mediocre.

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Heelix781d ago

the more sequels you make of the same formula
the more difficult it is to top the original classic
From a fan's perspective

they might have to turn the latest entry upside down.

A new director who isn't afraid to implement their own ideas.
satisfying gameplay
great characters and storytelling.

just my 2 cents.

realedc30780d ago

This is more or less what I said in the piece, take some risks, do something dramatically different, etc

BDSE780d ago

I really want micro-transaction, pay to win, loot boxes, open world, and multiplayer only. I really want to pay 15 times over just to get a semi-usable game.


Marcello780d ago

I want a VR version of the first game.

VsAssassin780d ago

It has to have soul--not in a convoluted story kind of way, but in a simple yet captivating overall experience. The original Bioshock had that and more. And I hope we get the weapon wheel back. It seems that when devs drop this feature for a more CoD-like approach, their games start to lose their luster. Resistance 2 was also a victim to this unnecessary change if you ask me. We want to be able to experiment with our weapons, you know.

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The story is too old to be commented.