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God of War, in its entirety, is Sony Santa Monica’s masterstroke. Everything from brilliantly realized characters, fascinating dialogue, fantastical world, exhilarating combat, satisfying puzzles, engrossing and meaningful side content to larger than life set pieces, has been so expertly designed.

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Genuine-User185d ago

I am incredibly excited to play this game. Only three more days to go :)

Krangs_Uncle185d ago

Does anyone know if you actually do get other weapons? I don't mind either way, and don't want it spoiled i guess (what those weapons are), but it's interesting that nothing is mentioned about the axe being the sole weapon etc.

Eonjay185d ago (Edited 185d ago )

So what I did notice is that in the reviews there is a 'Weapons' tab, but you never actually get to see it in the reviews. Some reviewers have actually noted they feel very constrained by Sony in terms of the review itself. For the sake of not spoiling what they want to keep hidden. We should hear by Friday of course.

Krangs_Uncle185d ago

Yeah, it's interesting to say the least - I've never seen a game have such a lid kept on it from reviews, seeing as it's a 30+ plus game. Its exciting.

Avoid YouTube videos now, people are posting spoilers as titles. I read a couple of things on Twitter posts that are bound to be spoilers, but won't let it ruin it for me... The journey should be immense.

Goldby185d ago

Weapon tab just shows a lovely photo of Kratos as he is the only weapon you need.

SquareBurgers185d ago

Anyone remember when Zelda was receiving all these 10's and Sony fans were doubting the legitimacy of those scores? why don't Sony fans think that way with this game?

Highlife185d ago

Go away i don't care about fanboys either way.

G20WLY185d ago

Why so desperate to argue, fella?

dreue184d ago

Dude you want to compare zelda to god of war? Juat stay where you want and plewse shut the f up.... Because sony people see god of war and then zelda and man zeld is great but to compare to the new god of war is like comparing 2 different gens..

generic-user-name184d ago

I remember Zelda getting a 7 from Jim Sterling and then his site getting ddosd by salty fanboys.

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corroios185d ago

Did sony made enough copies?

MarineLineman185d ago

The real question is did they make enough PS4’s?

Eonjay185d ago

It has sold out on Amazon several times. already. It is currently back in stock though. This means it has already exceeded expectations but at least they are trying to keep up lol.

FernDiggidy185d ago

Yes , sony make enough copies.

SquareBurgers185d ago

I don't think anyone caught on.

Bathyj184d ago

What about DIGITAL copies? Are there enough?

ILostMyMind185d ago

I'm afraid that the global internet doesn't have bandwidth for so many downloads.

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SquareBurgers185d ago

Yea it's ALMOST as highly rated as Zelda and Mario!! so close.

Legatus185d ago

Yea it's rated higher than any xbox exclusive released in last 5 years. But that's not too hard considering that MS released only 1 game with 90+ metascore since 2013. LOLOLOLOL
Ahhhhh gotta love these butthurt xbots desperately trying to downplay yet another PS4 exclusive masterpiece.

The_Sage185d ago

I haven't cared about Nintendo since I was twelve years old. 30 years ago.

UnHoly_One184d ago

@ Legatus

Sony fanboy responds to the Nintendo fanboy by attacking Xbox.

Just trying to cover all the bases at once, I guess?

Gamist2dot0185d ago

For each 10 or 100, they should use the thumbnail of Kratos roaring/screaming.

bluefox755185d ago

They are officially on ND level at this point. This is great news for Playstation and Playstation owners.

Lovable185d ago

Not yet man...ND level is god mode. Santa Monica isn't there yet...close, but not there in that same realm...Once ND release TLOU2, internet will literally break and meteor will rain from the sky.

Bathyj184d ago

Agreed, it takes more than one game to reach Naughty Dog. We're talking decades of top shelf, never missing quality. Beside Naughty Dog only Rare in their hay day I think can boast that.

But just reaching that level even once, shows you have it in you and all eyes will be on you to repeat it.

mandf185d ago (Edited 185d ago )

They have always been on Santa monicas level. All console gow releases how have set standards when they came out.

Bathyj184d ago

I think it's great that Naughty Dog, Guerrilla, and Santa Monica can all be mentioned in the same breathe now.

I would love to see Sucker Punch, Insomniac and even Sony Bend reach those heights. What a stable.

Yes I know Insomniac isn't Sony. Who cares when all their best games are on PlayStation?

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