Metal Gear Survive Sells an Estimated 103,651 Units First Week at Retail

The action adventures survival game from publisher and developer Konami - Metal Gear Survive - sold 103,651 units first week at retail, according to VGChartz estimates.

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FallenAngel1984212d ago

I was expecting lower numbers

UltraNova212d ago

100k week 1?? Damn thats a lot more copies than I expected....oh the shame is real....

ravinash211d ago

Battle Royal mode anyone?

PaleMoonDeath212d ago

103,651 of you, are a problem.

GamesMaster1982212d ago

Why because some people like a game that you don't ?. Grow up, this game is actully a good survival game and most people would be put off by the difficulty in the first half of the game because it does not hold your hand like most games these days, and actually gives you a challange. And as far as micro trans go i have finished story mode leveled up to 53 online had a blast and never spent a penny doing so.

Hardiman212d ago (Edited 212d ago )

"Yaaaaah," after hours upon hours I have more bits of metal, fabric and wood!! Good times!

Inzo212d ago

Well for starters its not a MG game, secondly even its own devs think its crap and if you dont believe me you can check out the little message they left Konami and thirdly and probably most importantly its another MT fest. So yes, 103,651 people are a problem

AspiringProGenji212d ago (Edited 212d ago )

Found the positive Steam user review^. The game is trash

TheGamez100212d ago

Shame you supported this game...

bluefox755212d ago

Do they call you "miss the point guy"?

PaleMoonDeath212d ago

Not gonna debate, just no mang.

cleft5212d ago

Don't bother trying to change the minds of blind fools that think Kojima gives a damn about them as people or MGS fans. These folks have on their blinders and are more than content to hate the game before giving it a real try. F* Konami and all that other sheep mentality stuff idiots say.

D3TH_D33LR211d ago

Shame you all care so much about what another person enjoys. Like sad loser shame. Who cares...

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littletad212d ago

To be honest, they're probably just younger audiences who are more attracted to the metal gear name than realizing the closed door politics of Konami. They probably know little of the Kojima fallout.

cleft5212d ago (Edited 212d ago )

Right... because its okay for Kojima to screw over David Hayter, but its not okay for Konami to fire the beloved Kojima. A man works 10 plus years as a voice actor, putting up with repeated insult after insult by Kojima, and he doesnt even get a damn call notifying him they are going with another actor. That's just business of course, Kojima simply has every right to go with a different voice actor... But Konami doesnt have the right to fire Kojima...

I am sorry, but its called karma. Kojima was an arrogant asshole and thought nothing of screwing over David Hayter, who is equally responsible for making MGS as popular as it is in the West. Kojima got to feel exactly how David Hayter did. Karma is a harsh mistress.

Goldby211d ago


Big boss and snake were not in the game, there for David Hayter wasn't required.

We played as a medic who was under the under standing he was Big Boss.

Take a look at grey fox and see if he was ever voiced by hayter

GamesMaster1982211d ago

Well im 35 have loved every MGS game and enjoy Survive for the great Survival game that it is not for the MG name. Yes i agree what happens in these companys is wrong but i leave the politics out of my gaming, there is enough of that crap in real life. I game to have fun and survive gave me that, will i still be buying Death Stranding of course because i also like Kojima's games. But if Konami ever make more MGS games, ie MGS6 or MGS3 REMAKE, hell even more Silent Hill and Castlevania's im there day one.

narsaku211d ago

How so? MGS is a good game, try playing it. No? Yea, I know you won't. But that's the real problem. Deciding without knowing shit after watching a few influencer videos.

..The people who are a problem are the people who bought ground zeroes, a 15 minute demo, for 40 dollars and still cheered Kojima's name.

THAT'S a REAL problem.

GamesMaster1982210d ago (Edited 210d ago )

Still Ground Zero's was more Metal Gear than even V in my opinion.

narsaku211d ago

Kojima fanatics are up there with pro Naruto enders and DBZ Supers fans. Delusional and genuinely ignorant.

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Inzo212d ago

Sam Fisher: "Then its just me"

ChristopherJack212d ago

Am I the only one who doesn't case about the Kojima/Konami nonsense? I didn't buy the game simply because it just didn't grab my attention enough - it actually looks tolerable though - just not worth the price of a full game & these days, the time to download it.

shaggy2303211d ago


Nope, your not the only one, I couldn't give a stuff about Konami/Kojima, unfortunately people on these forums are very vocal, and if you don't believe the same things as them they down vote everything.

I mean the people that hold Kojima on some sort of pedestal seem to think he's perfect, little do they his resume is huge, and not everything on there is AAA gold.

At the end of the day I couldn't give a rats ass if BG Solid isn't a "true metal gear game" or whether Kojima had anything to do with it, if its a good game then it should sell.

Prince_TFK212d ago

Congratulations and well-deserved, Konami. You deserve all the low sell that you are getting.

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