Want to Preorder God of War on You're Currently Out of Luck

Better think twice if you're considering preordering God of War, or any Sony title for that matter, on at the moment.

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Christopher282d ago

Weird. I wonder if there was an issue with pressing and packaging for UK?

thatguyhayat282d ago

I once ordered bloodborne from amazon and the package was all damaged as well as the disk. Ever since then ive never ordered from them. Always stuck with shopto

Adexus282d ago

Got my CE ordered from Shopto as well, always a chance of getting it early whereas with Amazon there's not a chance.

thatguyhayat282d ago

Yeah lol my god of war is from there too. A day early to play than anyone else

RosweeSon282d ago

Not to mention depending on your membership level could get up to £6 off day 1... £114 for me 🙌🏻🙏 27995;😜🤓✌ӿ 95;

InTheZoneAC282d ago

Amazon will offer free returns and exchanges for damaged items. BTW I download off thte ps store, never had an issue with the game being messed up!

RosweeSon282d ago

Or you could just use someone who can delivery it intact in the first place?

InTheZoneAC282d ago


I've ordered many bluray movies from them, no issues with that. I don't order funko pops from them because the boxes will get crushed.

sizeofyou281d ago

But PS store shouldn't mess up...its probably getting on for a tenner more than physical copies are sold at...

chaos-emeralds282d ago ShowReplies(6)
Genuine-User282d ago

My pre-order is still up on, hope they don’t botch it somehow.