Extinction Review – A Gigantic Waste of Time [The Koalition]

Asad Quadri from The Koalition writes: Simplicity in video games can always be as rewarding as something that offers complexity and deepness. Sometimes you just want to sit back, fire up a game, be given a sword then allowed to unleash hell on whatever gets in your way. In some fantasy action games, you’re given a blade, bad guys to fight and the means to turn them all into heaping piles of bloody cadavers.

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Maxemole189d ago

A damn shame. This game looked fantastic at first.

rbailey189d ago

Very disappointing to see that this game never reached its full potential.

Lovable189d ago

A turd will always be a turd.

SkippyPaccino189d ago

Still one of the best games on Xbox this year...

UnHoly_One189d ago

You have to realize how stupid that comment is. You have to.

Elda189d ago

I was going to buy this at full price but not now.I'll buy once it's 20 dollars.

Elda188d ago (Edited 188d ago )

No shade...but when you work hard sometimes you can waste $20 which is better than wasting $64.

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