No Man's Sky for Xbox One Might Release on June 29th

According to an updated listing on Amazon Italy, No Man's Sky for Xbox One might be released on June 29th.

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ccgr186d ago

Wonder how it will do this time around

TheCommentator186d ago

I think that's dependent upon what the new content will add. The game still has potential it hasn't lived up to yet, although it is much better than when it released.

lxeasy186d ago

Does the Next big update release before or after that day. Because that will definitely have influence on how the game is received.

Retroman186d ago (Edited 186d ago )

Who cares?? can't turn crap into priceless gem. Shawn Murray still trying to turn his TURD into a great game.......not happening. no matter how he spin it still a "TURD"

Razmiran186d ago

The game is actually much better now
But the overwhelmingly negative press might negate that

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Jinger186d ago

Noice! Pffft Kratos who? Who needs GoW when you got the Game of the Gen right here!

TheCommentator186d ago

Serious Xbox fan or trolling PS fan? You decide!

Jinger186d ago

If anyone took this as anything but a sarcastic joke then I feel bad for them. No Man's Sky is kewl, but obviously aint competing with GoW...

TheCommentator185d ago

I'm just pointing out the duality in your post, but either way it was an unnecessary comment.

King_Lothric185d ago

I am curious to see how this game, after being heavily critized by the Xbox community, will perform on Xbox one.

KickSpinFilter185d ago

Bad since it's a bad game. More curious about Hellblade since that was a fantastic game that Xberts used ta rip apart.

Kiwi66185d ago (Edited 185d ago )

Yet it wasn't just heavily critized by them though

TargusX185d ago

Yes please now it's been updated!