TheSixthAxis Review: Tiger Woods 09

TheSixthAxis: "Tiger Woods plays Tiger Woods. It's like some nervous crack in the space/time continuum that would only be bettered if Rooney played FIFA, too. There's a hint of sarcasm there, readers, but it's not without merit: EA have got most major sports totally sewn up, and if they can convince Joe Public that his favourite sporting stars play EA games, well, then he should too, and if Tiger 09 is anywhere near as brilliant as FIFA 09 then Joe's in for a happy 12 months indeed.

Sadly, being British, mid 30s and working class means that golf is as alien a concept as caviar and VIP lists. Sure, we've all played Pitch and Putt at Blackpool, but we don't think Tiger Woods has, otherwise Tiger 09 would be based around fantasy castles, rotating windwills and the faint smell of donkey shit wafting up from the beach. As it stands, Tiger 09 is based around the world's most famous (proper) golf courses, with new additions including South Africa and China, and features professional golfers rather than your uncle Tony."

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